Would like to find my work path

by Marion
(Berlin, Germany)

"Traveler 9," Janaka Stagnaro

I am having trouble finding a Job.
I am desperate to work in my field as a graphic designer.
Why can´t I accomplish this?

Thanks for your answer!

Namaste Marion,

Thank you so much for your query. It can be very frustrating not working in the field that you love. In looking at your situation I threw a quick spread with the Tarot

In the Past, or what has led up to the Present is the card Strength. This card shows a woman with the sign of Infinity above her head, her eyes are closed and in her lap is a lion resting his head. She is the archetype of Leo, the part of you that needs to roar with conviction and to remember that you are unique. That Divinity is expressing into the world through this unique character called Marion. This card recognizes your passion for this work and reminds you of it.

In the Present is Justice. This is a woman with a crown who holds both sword and scales. This shows that your situation is governed by karma--that there are divine laws at work that we reap what we sow, whether from this life or in previous ones. It is a reminder that with every decision you must weigh the consequences and choose to do the right thing. You say you are desperate. This archetype reminds you to do what feels right and not to do anything in desperation. Right Action.

The Future position is the 8 of Cups. This shows a woman searching in a lunar landscape for her happiness, for her Grail. I suspect that you will need to search afar in your quest. Be willing to travel. A reminder from this card is that you are good enough to obtain what you seek, but to remember that your happiness is not when you obtain the Grail, but that the Grail is already within you. Be happy now, unconditionally, and you will be happy in the future, no matter what condition

So in a nut shell, you need to have confidence in your abilities, do what is right to your conscience and be clear about that, and be willing to journey forth while remembering who you are spiritually.

I would recommend meditating to get past the desperation of your mind and to go into the silence of All is Well Right Now. And then from the quite, all-is-perfect space visualize the type of work you want to do. In the meantime keep up your art and offer to do pro bono work for causes that you believe in.

Divine timing is involved. Be at Peace with every step of your journey and remember that you are on an adventure.

I hope that is helpful.



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