We Can Do It! Hope for Change

by Ian Duncan
(Kilmarnock, Scotland)

"Plockton II," Janaka Stagnaro

We are what we are now, but we have the ability to change. There is nothing that we can do or think that is original; all thought processes are inherent. They merely need awakening. We all have the ability to inspire others. We are all capable of love. We merely need guidance. We have the ability and the know how to change the world as we know it. We could make the world a better place easily if we banish greed, and respect and love our fellow man. It will happen. It has to happen before we all fall into the abyss.

We can do it !!!!!!!


Thanks Ian for your thoughts. I agree that we have to do it. And we have to do it now. Too many alerts are flashing on the bridge of our Mothership Earth for us to ignore. Unfortunately, most of us usually have to be humbled before we change our unhealthy ways, such as living by greed, and that can set up some interesting scenarios.

Fortunately, just as you say that we all know how to do it, we do know what to do, down inside us; for there is an Intelligence, That is the Source of anything we know or can know, That is manifesting through us and everything. It is constantly moving us to realize that Love is the only way to truly thrive on this planet.

I'm not sure if I agree that there are no original thoughts, unless you mean, all the thoughts that the Divine has thought, are waiting in seed form in the womb of Silence. And that is what I would agree with. These new seeds await farmers of the Soul to harvest them into something new and wonderful. That is why meditation is so important, for it allows one to dig into the ground of our Being, of Silence, and to cultivate these new impulses.


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Jul 06, 2012
Keep Holding the Lights
by: Janaka Stagnaro

Thank you for your kind words, Ian, about the site. Keep submitting your inspirations and help spread the word. And keep holding the Light--every thought of Truth is a spark that can ignite the sleepy minds of our brothers/sisters.

Jul 06, 2012
Ian from Scotland
by: ian duncan

I love this site because it is a direct route to share personal hopes and aspirations with others. The seeds that we sow here will hopefully blossom, and a movement toward spiritual enlightenment will result in giving hope to many. I look forward to seeing comments and I would urge others to share in what could be lifechanging.

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