The Truth, Oneness and Me

by Edward
(Olympia, WA)

"Silence Under Tree and Moon," Janaka Stagnaro

I have come to a point in my life where I feel that all three (Truth, Oneness and Me) are the same. How do I begin to still myself and make a connection with this truth.


Greetings Edward,

It is wonderful to come to the Truth that there is only One in the midst of all this multiplicity. Now you say that this 'me' is one with Truth. But what is this me that you refer to? Is it your personality that has gone through so many changes throughout your journey? Is it your mind and its compilation of changing thoughts? Your emotions that surge upwards and downwards? Your body that has changed from a baby to that of an adult? What is yours is not you, so what are you? That is the great inquiry.

To go to that still place you want to rest in it is to go beyond all those limiting ideas of who you've been, what you are and what you will be. It is possible to come to that still point when the mind shuts up, or even if it still goes on yakking away in all its importance, the space that the thoughts arise in can be constantly apperceived--there will be an awareness of this being-ness place no matter what is going on in your life.

How to be in that constant place of freedom from the identification of thoughts? Meditate, read spiritual works, study with a teacher, associate with those who are positive and seek the same spiritual goal, chant, etc. All these things are tools (this website is a toolbox) to heal the mind so the mind can be quieter and more focused, instead of having to listen to a world-set mind that is ever-searching for something to find completion or avoiding discomfort.

The thing is, Edward, is that You are already at rest--always have been; it's just that your mind has told you otherwise. Your true Self is infinite and contains all that is, even Edward, Janaka and everyone else. Just be still and devote time to be aware of the Timeless.

May you remember always your Divine Self,


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