The Real Chirst, Bernadette's Roberts' New Book

by Joe
(Fullerton CA)

Spirit Breath, By Janaka Stagnaro

Spirit Breath, By Janaka Stagnaro

Thanks for posting the links on Christian prayer.

As you mentioned Bernadette Roberts (author of Christian contemporary classic, The Experience of No-Self), I want to let you and your readers know that Bernadette has just made available a new book, The Real Christ (October 2012)— a most profound theological correction of wrong views of Christ and the Trinity.

The Real Christ effectively demonstrates how an anthropomorphic view of the Trinity as “Father, Son, Spirit” obscures the splendid truth of the divine, and has stymied a true understanding of our spiritual journey of transformation into Christ.

Bernadette does indeed affirm the Trinity is ultimate reality, and accurately described as “Transcendent, Logos, Spirit.” She compelling shows how the view of God as “Transcendent, Logos, Spirit” is true to the mystical theology of early Fathers of the Christianity.

She shows how Christ, too, is only truly understood in terms of the Trinity as “Transcendent, Logos, Spirit.” An egregious mistake was made by theology when it identified Christ as the human person Jesus (who is the historical icon of Christ), for Christ is beyond all distinctions of personhood, even Jesus’ personhood.

Christ is the revelation of man, of the alpha and omega of universal human destiny— not the revelation of the single man, Jesus.

You can find a description of The Real Christ at the website Bernadette’s Friends:

Bernadette asks on the site that those who are possibly interested in purchasing the book read the “Warning” she has written on the site first.

God's Love!
Joseph Conti, Ph.D.
Dept of Comparative Religion
California State, Fullerton

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Nov 18, 2012
Bernadette Roberts and Going Beyond Scripture
by: Janaka

Thank you, Joe, for your contribution and notification of Bernadette Robert's newest work. I had the joy of studying with her at one of her classes in the LA area in the 80s. I remember her pulling out a piece of clay and out of that clay she sculpted St. Francis and other objects--all connected to the ball of clay. All the objects were made of the same substance, just as we are all made of the essence of God.

To study with anyone who has gone beyond words into the Source is always a great blessing, and Bernadette certainly has gone beyond all words and--I would say-- even her own tradition. A real pioneer into the Great Mystery.


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