The Collapse of the World as We Know It

by Ian S. Duncan
(Kilmarnock, Scotland)

The Tears of the Bodhisattva, by Janaka Stagnaro

The Tears of the Bodhisattva, by Janaka Stagnaro

The Mayan Indians forecast the end of the world on the 20th of December, 2012. If we are thinking Armageddon forget it. I would rather think that it is the collapse of the world as we now know it, and that the reward for our greed and our total disregard of our fellow man will be that we all suffer poverty,indignity and humiliation in the hope that we will see the error of our ways: and when we learn humility, respect, and are thankfull for what we have, then we might have a chance to rise above the level of the beast as it stands at the moment we are teetering on the edge. We need to change.


Greetings Ian,

I agree, I don't buy into the Armageddon scenario. I believe through my experiences that the Earth is rising in its vibration, which is supported by the Schumann resonances. Love is a much higher vibration than fear, and in order for one to ascend with the Earth, one must act with love. For those who still need to learn in the lower vibrations of fear then they may choose a lower Earth to learn in. Perhaps we are talking about parallel Earths.

We are giving birth to ourSelf. It can be a painful one if we are stuck in unresolved issues, imprisoned in our heads, afraid of what's to come, holding blame and shame; or it can be orgasmic, when we reside in the Now and find our joy in the welfare of our brothers and sisters. As the Course says, we can change our minds in a Holy Instant and we will see Heaven already shining before us.

We are in a glorious time! And change is inevitable.



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