Sufism: The Power of Dhikr

"Spirit Breath," by Janaka Stagnaro

The dhikr practice of Sufism with focus on cleaning the spiritual heart is the best form of meditation I have experienced. The benefits are endless, just wanted to share

Dear Friend,

Indeed, what can be greater than to remember the Beloved in all that we do, in all our moments-- until the Name itself becomes our very Breath. With the constant remembrance of the Divine, the Peace of God becomes ours, because there is nothing of the world that covers the Eternal Peace of God from our Awareness then. Our Heart can now shine purely, just as a stone shines beautifully that has been polished by the countless lapping of waves.

Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry I did not respond earlier, but do to a glitch I just now saw your posting.

May the Peace of God be upon you.


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