Still More Inspirational Quotes to Get Me Through the Day

by Michelle
(Meadow Vista, California)

Janaka, Michelle and our son Aiden

Janaka, Michelle and our son Aiden

The following are more of my favorite quotes from the Pacific Coast Church in Pacific Palisades, California.

When we love ourselves, we refuse to allow others to manage our emotions from afar. Forgiveness is our means to that end.

Wayne Dyer

As an artist, being nice is not nearly as important as being authentic. When we are what we truly are and say what we truly mean, we stop shouldering the responsibility for everyone else's shortfalls and become accountable to ourselves. When we do, astonishing shifts occur. We become aligned with our true higher power, and creative grace flows fully. 

Julia Cameron - "Walking In This World."

If you deliberately plan to be less than you are capable of becoming, then I warn you that you'll be deeply unhappy for the rest of your life. You will be evading your own capacities, your own possibilities.
Abraham Maslow

You have to emerge from the cocoon of complacency and dare to venture in consciousness across uncharted seas of mind.  

Raymond Charles Barker

Our vision is beclouded and the pathway of our progress is obstructed until we come to know that God can and does express as Good in every person and every situation.
Ernest Holmes 

Contrary to popular thinking, being worthy isn't something you earn; it's something you recognize. And once you do, you won't be able to think, speak or behave in any other way than as if what you most wanted was meant to be."

Mike Dooley

The traditional support systems for spiritual development have been greatly weakened in the modern world, but the essential knowledge for the education of the heart still exists. Every human being has a capacity to directly experience the Divine. No other achievement can substitute for it, and nothing less will ultimately satisfy the heart.
The Path we are talking about proposes that the purpose of existence is to know and love God, and to love each other within God. If we accept this proposition, then the most essential education is the education of the heart.

Kabir Helminski

There is only one journey: going inside yourself.    

Rainer Maria Rilke

The choice is up to you. 
It can either be,"Good morning ,God!"  
or "Good God, Morning!"

 Wayne Dyer

The First Tenet: Clarity of Intention

The First Tenet of Evolutionary Enlightenment is called Clarity of Intention. This tenet points directly to the essential nature of the evolutionary impulse itself: the wholehearted, passionate intention to exist, to develop, to become, to evolve. That impulse is the same uninhibited YES that burst forth as the big bang, that compels the body to procreate and the mind to innovate. When that impulse expresses itself at the highest levels of consciousness, it is experienced as the inspiration that pulls us toward spiritual liberation and enlightenment. It is the mysterious drive to become more conscious. To have Clarity of Intention means to align oneself with the clear and single-pointed purpose of that impulse itself. And the way that alignment occurs, in a human heart and mind, is that the intention to evolve becomes more important to us than anything else in this world.

Andrew Cohen

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