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In the late 80's and early 90's I was honored to be the tarot reader and spiritual counselor at the famous Bodhi Tree Bookstore in Hollywood. For 5 years I gave literally thousands of readings there. For nearly 30 years I have been a spiritual practitioner of both the East and West. I have studied most world religions and am familiar with many contemporary systems of beliefs.

When I work with a client I have no judgment. There is nothing to fix. The transcendental I AM is already perfect, and my role is to help or guide the client to connect in awareness with that Perfect Being-ness. Then, out of that unconditional place of Love, we can work on areas that may need healing or more development. I see our working together as a creative partnership, when “two or more are gathered together” to bring more light into the world.

A tarot reading is 30 minutes and sessions one hour.  Counseling can be on Facetime or in person at my art studio in the Carmel Village in the Monterey Bay Area, California. The 30-minute reading is $50 and $90 for the hour session. All credit cards accepted, as well as local checks. Call 831-601-2092 for an appointment.

Spiritual Tools and Specialties

Tarot Readings

The Tarot is an ancient tool that helps the practitioner focus and direct archetypal energies, and to become more aware of what archetypes are (or want to be) working in one’s life. For example, The Chariot is the archetype of Self Determination, or Discipline. The Tarot helps show what energies one is working with and how they are manifesting. I do not use them as a fortune telling device; although the cards can show probabilities based on current patterns. Go to this link of mine or an in-depth article on tarot readings

Meditation Techniques

Meditation is the direct line to one’s Source. I don’t know how anyone can live without having meditation of some sort that leads one to the Knowing Place of Silence. Meditating to the Place beyond the mind is like the archer drawing back the arrow, and then releasing with focused intent with such mind tools as affirmations, visualizations and invocations. Praying is talking to God; meditation is listening to God.


The mind is so full of junk mail telling one how weak, poor, fearful, unloving, shameful, etc. one is. Affirmations are a way of using the mind as a tool for manifesting a more joyous life for oneself and consequently for those around. They help make for a happy dream. Affirmations, such as "I am a God created me," (from A Course in Miracles)are great reminders about who we really are, anchoring our mind on the edge of Silence.

Mantra Meditations

Mantras are similar to affirmations and invocations in that they help the mind focus on a particular point of reference. Mantras are ancient sounds that represent certain aspects of Divinity or Consciousness. In the ancient teachings it is said that sound and form are one and the same. Thus to say a holy name is literally to be it. Mantras can be said aloud or internally.


Invocations are basically affirmations that are said aloud with great conviction to bring manifestation into one’s world. It is focused thought (the seed) infused with emotion (water) to bring one's desire into form (flower). Invocations are used a lot with those connecting with The Ascended Masters, such as "I AM one with the Violet Flame."


Visualizations can help you go down into a relaxed state of mind, where all is well. You will be guided into seeing what you want to manifest in your life. Just as a baseball player first sees himself hitting a homerun before the game even begins, and then steps up to the plate and belts one over the wall, so can you focus on what you want to create. Visualizations are like a guided journey into your relaxed potent state of mind.

Biographical Work

You are a unique expression of Consciousness, and your life reflects this adventure in matter, with its contrasts and learning opportunities. When we can look at our lives as an adventure, without judgment, then light and love shines upon areas that perhaps have been shut away. By freeing the past of judgment, we move into the present and create a more joyful future.

Artistic Expression

We are all created and thus we are all creative. We live in a world where only experts create for the masses—the artist, the singers, the bands—and we passively witness their creativity. When we tap into our creative selves it opens up forces that helps us feel alive and gives us the confidence to be creative in all areas of our lives. To think outside the box. As an artist I can gently guide you in a playful manner to be more creative in your life.

The Art of Parenting and Being in a Relationship

Parenting is an art form. We are living in an age where we need to adapt and learn as we go; the old forms no longer work. After 20 years of studying and teaching in the Waldorf system, as well as parenting 3 children, I can help bring more consciousness and creativity to this most challenging area.

Relationships are not for the faint of heart. As we progress upon the spiritual path, and become more conscious of our patterns, relationships become a ground of unlearning. The primary focus that is needed with any form of relationship is establishing love with one’s self. If you do not love yourself you certainly won’t love another person. And, no, no one can complete you. Relationships are a chance to work on one’s stuff.

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We must come naked to the perfect sphere of our Consciousness for healing to occur.

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