Spiritual Articles to Meditate Upon

Here you will find a collection of spiritual articles to meditate upon to help you in remembering who you are and in living a life of fulfillment.

"As tough as it is to acknowledge, you had to go through what you went through in order to get to where you are today, and the evidence is that you did."--Wayne Dyer

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path"--Psalm 119:105

"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice."--White Elk

It is not easy to remember who you are in the midst of swirling definition that the world and your self puts on you. The world tells you what will make you happy and you run towards them, as well as the world tells you what you should avoid, and those you shun. But the world does not want you to be free, to be happy, to know your true Self. Some have called this planet a prison planet, and until you know who you are really, you are a prisoner. Just as it takes enormous effort for our vehicles to leave Earth's orbit, so does it take us to train our minds and open our hearts and to do the right things so we can raise our consciousness into the limitless.

Most of us cannot do it alone, this ascension to the heights above the world, that is why good company is so valuable. It is also why it is important to spend time focusing on spiritual writings, to literally give your mind food for thought. These spiritual articles are for you to meditate upon, to digest to see if you can get anything valuable out of them. And as with food you do need to chew on them, spitting out what does not feel right for you at this time. And this is true with all writings, no matter how sacred. Words are not the Truth, they are only pointers to that Limitless Land.

May you find some wisdom among these spiritual articles and essays, and may your days be filled with the bliss of the Self.

Spiritual Article and Essay List

Traffic School of Awareness--This article I wrote when I lived in the Los Angeles area. Driving in that madness became so bad that I was very reluctant to go anywhere and to battle with the hordes of cars. This article came to me in response, to shift my perspective from a tortured victim on the highway to an active participant in a great school of learning.

Does Compassion Belong in Advaita Vedanta When There is No Other?--If there is only One, as the Vedantists and other nondualistic proponents profess, why should one ever feel compassion towards another when there is no other? This article explores the paradox andthe importance of compassion in helping move one towards the awareness that there is no other who needs compassion.

Nondualism and the Art of Becoming Human--When we are already perfect, created in the image of God, forever seen by God with timeless eyes, why should we ever strive to better ourselves? This article explores that question and leads one to the conclusion that if one comes to a point of remembering our intrinsic divine value, then the striving to be better is done out of a joy to constantly change and grow, without any judgment or any need, just following the inner impulses.

Ten Commandments: A Nondualism Perspective--Yama is the god of death, but also the lord of dharma, or doing one's divine duty. Yama is a point of reference that has brought a lot of wisdom to me over the years. This is Yama's perspective of the Ten Commandments from a nondualistic point of view.

Enlightenment in the New Age--We are living in a new time, a New Age if you will, when going up on mountains and doing austerities to become holier is no longer needed. We need to just remember what we have always been and always will be, created by God and forever loved by God, no matter what we do or do not do. We just need to get out of our heads and stop listening to the ranting of our thoughts. How easy is that!

The Paths of Devotion and Knowledge--There is often debates among the dualists who expound that devotion is the greatest path to God, while the nondualists say that one needs to cut away the false in order to realize that God is not outside. This article explores that debate and concludes that both are really the same.

What is the Role of a Spiritual Teacher: Guru or Friend?--In the East it is said that in order to come to Self-realization one ultimately needs a guru. Yet in these days of gurus and spiritual teachers who have been caught with their pants down and their hands in the till, is a guru that necessary, and if so, what is the healthiest way to approach the relationship?

Compassion in a Nest of Zombies--This article came to me after a dream about zombies. Why are we so fascinated with zombies? What do they symbolize? Have we as a society become zombies, a horde of unthinking consumers?

Tasting Freedom--Jim Dreaver, a teacher who often holds workshops in Esalen, Big Sur, reminds us about the need to get out of our stories that we love to recreate over and over and over. And once we let go of our stories that has defined our lives up to the Present Moment, we will be free and see our Self as we truly are.

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Traffic School of Awareness

Does Compassion Belong in Advaita Vedanta When There is No Other?

Nondualism and the Art of Becoming Human

Enlightenment in the New Age

The Paths of Devotion and Knowledge

What is the Role of a Spiritual Teacher: Guru or Friend?

Compassion in a Nest of Zombies

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Tasting Freedom (from the book, END YOUR STORY, BEGIN YOUR LIFE, by Jim Dreaver 
The teaching itself is simple. It is to grasp that while we are a story-telling people, the stories we tell come and go, they change, but we, in our essence, …

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