Smoking--My Stumbling Block 2

by Maggie
(Monticello, Florida)

"Traveler 3," Janaka Stagnaro

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. In the teachings I have been studing that "what I resist persists". If I quit smoking is this resisting the urge, resiting tobacco? How is quitting something different than resisting what currently is? I am not smoking now but my ego keeps telling me I am resisting smoking. It seems paradoxical. I know this all sounds so silly but I want to make sure I understand resistence in this context.



Greetings Maggie,

You are most welcome. Silly? Sure it's silly. The ego is silly with its notions that it is in charge--let alone that it even exists! Think of the ego as the wayward mind, a wild, clever dog that wants to do anything it can to keep you on the leash and not the other way around. There is all kinds of things you resist throughout the day. If you didn't you would just be an impulsive creature. Do you ever resist eating something? Of course you do. This is no different. When Master Jesus went out into the desert and Satan, or the ego, tempted him to move away from his purpose of coming into the desert in the first place, he said, "Get thee behind me." In other words, he was taking charge and following what his spirit, or God, wanted him to be doing.

Being that you have quit smoking there is absolutely no sane reason to return to it. It is the trickster the ego that is twisting that adage, "what you resist persists." The ego loves sophistry and twist all sorts of words to fit its fearful, debasing purposes. I don't know of any spiritual adage that is true in some moments under certain circumstances, and then false in another. That is why one who wants to find the truth cannot be dogmatic in following words to the letter. Now you can apply those words to a situation such as finding spiders everywhere because you have a fear of spiders, or you keep finding yourself in situations where you have a chance for public speaking but you have such a fear of it you keep avoiding it. I see the true meaning as whatever you are trying to avoid because of fear, that something will be in your face until you face it. That persistance is an evolutionary call for change. I do not think resisting smoking fits that, do you?

Happy smoke-free adventures?


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