Santa Cruz, the Holy Cross

by Sara
(Sacramento, CA)

"Castle Rock," by Janaka Stagnaro

I lived there in the mountains in Felton for two years. I felt the energies in the mountains to be very pure, bright and sparkling that made me think of angelic energies or crsytal energies. I saw that those energies attracted spiritual organizations and also some very dark energies/people.

Dear Sara,

I love the Santa Cruz mountains very much. I spent many summers in Redwood Estates with my Grandmother in her little cabin. It is no accident that many spiritual centers have grown out of the spiritual energy of this area. As to attracting the darker energies as well, that happens in every holy center. After all, whether these people who are wrapped up in fear know it or not, they are attracted to the Light for their own healing.



(Forgive my late response, but due to a glitch I just became aware of your posting.)

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