Removing a Curse: Is It a Scam?

by Anonymous

Traveler 13, by Janaka Stagnaro

Traveler 13, by Janaka Stagnaro

Hi, I went to see a psychic about a month ago because I was depressed and haven't been able to make up my mind on anything. I lost my job, my relationship was up and down, my frinedships aren't doing so well. I was hoping that by seeing her it would give me hope. She told me that there is so much negative energy around me and that it is being carried down from a female on my mother's side. She said that each generation will feel it stronger and stronger and always have this black cloud over them. She also said that while I was deployed overseas a local there burnt 9 black candles wishing me a lifetime of unhappiness.

I told her I am starting to see a psychologist and doing meditation to ease my mind. She said that unless I have the curse removed and the negative energy released, I will always feel like this no matter what I do. At first, she told me that to remove the curse and negative energy, she will charge me $5,000 and that it usually costs more but she will take care of it. Then the next time I saw her, she asked for the remaining $3,500. The next time I saw her, she said it was $3,600, not $3,500. So far she wants me to pay $8,500 to do all this, after I paid $350 for the reading and a few 'items' to meditate with and try to release the negativity. She said in about a week she will be leaving for 10 days to do a ceremony for me to get rid of this curse and protect me and my family for generations to come.

I have a hard time trusting people and I'm a little uneasy that she will leave permanently with my $8,850, which she knows I can barely afford but promises she sees money coming in for me real soon. (I am unemployed and using the last of my deployment money for this) I agreed to this out of desperation to "fix" myself because I've been so upset and lost and confused. Is this a scam? Am I paying too much?


Dear Friend,

Anyone who tells you that you cannot affect change in your life for the better is lying. The holiness that resides in you, and in all beings, can shine upon you and your life and upon all your family and create instant change. It has happened in my life and in other's that I know.

Everything happens for a reason, everyone who comes into your life has been sent by You, your true Self, to show you what you believe. This "psychic" has come to you to reflect the littleness that you believe about your self, that you are not worthy of happiness; unless, perhaps, you have enough money to buy it (a notion our society touts far too much).

The only curse you have is a mind that says you are separate from God, All That Is, or whatever you call the Infinite. Continue to meditate so you can get out of that fearful place of your mind so you can find the Eternal Peace that is always there waiting for your rediscovery.

Keep your mind focused on the positive, on the holy. To do that surround yourself with positive people to reflect the good in you. Make sure you read inspiring books to help retrain your mind and to help in the transformation of your self-image. This site can offer much in the way of reminding you of who you are.

So thank the psychic mentally for showing you your old belief pattern of unworthiness and step onto the new road to reclaim your holiness.

And by the way, psychics dwell in the astral realm, where both angels and demons dwell and all manner of beings in between. It is a place of duality for it is created by the separated mind of the ego. It is a realm of illusions. Go beyond the astral and you come closer to the I AM, the Infinite Self, that dwells beyond the rantings of the mind.

Peace to you,

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