Reconnecting with My Spirit

by Merran

Spirit of Yosemite Falls, Janaka Stagnaro

Spirit of Yosemite Falls, Janaka Stagnaro

Thank you for the Truth, your guidance has been the most helpful I found when looking for how to reacquaint with my spirit.
Simply set out without fuss and no selling products; just true alignment with mindfulness. I've made note of your suggestions and realize that simple is the best truth along with nature and routine. This last suggestion will be my hardest, but I'll leave it to the Spirit. Again thank you! Namaste.

Namaste Merran,

Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you have found something of use on this site. Routine is helpful and is nothing but a tool. It is not the goal. So no worries when the routine fails. Just go back to it and keep the routine simple to have a sense of success. Wherever and whenever you are, there Spirit is. Just waiting for the opening, free of mental obstructions.



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