by Ray King
(Houston tx)

Ensouling the World, Janaka Stagnaro

Ensouling the World, Janaka Stagnaro

I've found that pyramids are great energy tools, could I meditate in a pyramid? And if so, what can I expect?

Greetings Ray,

By all means meditate in a pyramid. I can't think of anywhere it would not be good to meditate . . . except perhaps on a railway track. Pyramids have been used throughout history for conducting initiations and pyramids are being discovered all over the planet it seems these days. There are scores of books out there talking about the mysterious properties of pyramids. They seem to be good amplifiers.

Now what type of meditation are you doing? If you are
meditating to come to the still point beyond the rantings of the monkey mind, you don't need a pyramid, crystal or any other tool. If you are working with energies, directing your intentions, then such metaphysical tools are fine. Just remember that any such tool for meditation is nothing but a tool, no matter how holy it is; eventually you must come empty handed to the Truth of who you are.

Happy experimenting,

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Apr 05, 2013
My Experiences with Pyramids
by: Janaka

I just watched on YouTube a show on Myth Busters who did a program on the power of Pyramids. Their conclusion was that there was nothing conclusive that pyramids hold special energies.

In my experiences with pyramids I have had mixed results. I had a pyramid plate of maybe 15 small pyramids and I would place my razor on it. And although the Myth Busters showed otherwise, my razor seem to last twice as long.

And I have meditated a few times under copper pyramids and neither time did I feel or experience anything different beside going into the Silence. Than again, I do not feel anything when I use homeopathy or gem elixirs or flower essences, but I do trust in the subtle effects (although with homeopathy I actually see results with myself and my family).

Now to meditate in the Great Pyramid that would be special.


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