New Age Meditation: Living a Metaphysical Life

Here you will find New Age meditations and affirmations to find your own individual pathway during this time of planetary transformation. Connect with the Ascended Masters and the great I AM.

"You understand that you are a creator, and that the Earth experience would be the perfect platform from which you would launch numerous satisfying creations--and here you are."--Abraham

"You have a very powerful mind that can make anything happen as long as you keep yourself centered." --Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

What is the New Age?

How I characterize the New Age and its movement is a spirituality that recognizes the divine in every individual, and that inherent divinity manifests through each one of us differently. Every one creates one's world, either by perception or literally by manifestion, due to one's thoughts.

In other words, if I believe I am a just a body and I have no control over outside circumstances, and that I am often a victim to those circumstances, then I will keep creating circumstances that reflect that belief. And life will be full of fear.

On the other hand, if I believe the world is like a mirror to teach me, to show me, what I truly believe, then the world becomes a classroom of experimentation. If I believe that I am created by a perfect Creator, I do not see my origins as coming from sin, but from Love. I have nothing to prove and thus I can be more of a child, and see the world with innocence. (To explore more about changing one's life by changing our mind read this self-help blog.)

There is a strong emphasis on the individual finding his or her own way in the New Age movement. "Siddartha," by Herman Hesse, exemplifies this individual quest, forgoing the path of organized belief systems. This is also why a lot of New Agers can seem a little lost. They are making their own way.

Various extraterrestrials in a dream-like place.

While there is the emphasis on following one's own path, there is a lot of focus on working with the Ascended Masters, the Great White Brotherhood, Ashtar Command and a host of celestial beings (angelic and extraterrestrial/dimensional), and healing the Earth. And these movements within this greater movement can be as binding to the individual's path as any organized religion. Theosophy and Anthroposophy are a couple of examples I am quite familiar with.

Because traditions are thrown open in the individual's quest, there is polyglot of spiritual practices, rituals, iconography that New Age teachers, individuals, and movements may be utilizing. There is a lot of drawing from ancient esoteric traditions, such as gnosticism, paganism, the occult, astrology, Eastern meditation practices and more. Because of this sampling, the New Age movement can seem quite superficial, or even downright disrespectful by various traditional religions or cultures. For instance, some Native Americans find it offensive that Whites are not only stealing their spiritual practices but changing them.

New Agers can be like teenagers, full of zeal to make their own way, but not being mindful or even respectful to the elders, or traditions. It is no wonder that the New Age movement has such a strong footing here in America, as America is like the teenager of the world.

I relate a lot to the New Age movement, while having deep respect for traditions. In my life I feel like a multitude of spiritual streams are converging into me at this time of great change on this planet, when all systems of thought are breaking down. There is not a pathway that does not resonate with me in some way, for each offers a facet of manifestation. And while having these bleed-throughs have been confusing at times, by meditating and going into the Silence, all of them become unified in the I AM.

Mother Mary lovingly holds the Earth, offering a new vision for man and woman to step into.

In this New Age movement there is a lot of focus on Ascension, individually and planetary. There has been the Harmonic Convergence, a whole host of planeterary alignments, and now 2012, as points of shifting into a new vibration that will bring Heaven on Earth. There may be earth changes involved, that may or may not entail great catastrophes (pending on our global consciousness); but the focus is on a new humanity in unity with the Earth and beyond.

Personally, I am dubious of dates. However, changes are speeding up. There are no more systems of security: environmental, financial, marriage, family, health, employment, housing, educational, water, food, and all with the ground shaking more and more under our feet since the 90s (check out the USGS history of quakes). And not to mention increased solar activity that can knock out our delicate technology that we are so dependent upon.

While it is easy to put down New Agers as being rather flaky, to say the least, or downright Satanic, according to fundamentalists, there is a lot of heart and goodwill. Like all paths, there is a shadow side to every one of them. I think the biggest one of the New Age movement is that of glamor. There are so many wonderful things to become that makes one special: a channel, an angel, an extraterrestrial or emissary, a member of The Great White Brotherhood, a Master, a shaman, a psychic, the reincarnation of some great personality, a wayshower, planetary healer, etc.

I should know--been there, done that. Every definition will become a coffin in the end if it is taken seriously. If it is nothing but a mental garb, that can be thrown off when needed, then it is just that, something to manifest in. Yet the I AM is naked. And knowing one's infinite Self is the only place of freedom. And nothing in time can touch That.

The Power of Affirmations

I have used affirmations from the beginning of my spiritual journey, and still do so to this day. A Course in Miracles was the biggest influence in the use of spiritual tool, and they totally opened up my vision beyond the veils of this world, which is covered by our seperated mind. However, I have made many of my own affirmations as well, which I recommend to do. Affirmations are an anchor to keep our mind from running around from one subject to the next, running from a fear to a desire in a matter of seconds. Also they provide ballast in going through the tempest of the day that blasts us with all sorts of thought forms--from the news, those around us, advertizing, etc. The following is an example, along with a corresponding meditation.

My words are powerful

 Consider your tongue as a wand, for indeed, it is. The Masters have said throughout the millennium that all will be accountable for every word uttered when one passes over to the other side. In this time of acceleration, in this time when the veil between the waking and astral worlds become thinner, that reckoning of your words will become more and more immediate. Your tongue is a wand, use it now to send blessings into the world with kind words and words of encouragement. Speak well of yourself and others. Let go of gossiping and putting forth blame. If you criticize, be critical of the action but not the person; for he or she is just like you with a whole lot of mistakes to learn from, and is as divine as you are. Let your tongue be full of nectar, beautifying your life, avoiding words that will scorch the path you walk upon. Every word you let fly is an invocation. Be aware of that, and think first before you send your words into the world.

          Meditation: Relax and close your eyes. See above your head a golden sun. It is your Soul. Watch it as it begins to transform into a golden hive full of the sweetest honey. All around it bees are entering this hive. It is so full of sweetness that the honey has overflowed and is dripping down its sides. See the top of your head open. Watch as the drops of honey fall into the opening of your head and fall down through the middle of your brain and then onto your tongue. You have never tasted anything as sweet as this honey. More and more drops fall and each drop you savor until your tongue becomes completely golden. Feel on your tongue your words. Feel them buzz with vibration. See yourself speak and watch the words take shape into bees. It is these bees, these words, that will continue to create the honey by collecting the pollen from the beauty in the world, and bringing them back to the hive that is your Soul. Intend to remember this hive and its honey throughout the day before you speak.


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