My Secret Lover

by jill
(mckeesport, pa)

"Dreaming," by Janaka Stagnaro

My friend, my first love, has been in contact with me for the last 6 months, just texting each other back and forth basically. We're just friends but it has gotten intense at times. I believe we still care for each other, and that there is still something there; but lately he has been withdrawing from me. Maybe I text too many messages than he does to me, but I have to know if he intends to have a relationship with me or not.

Dear Jill,

No matter how much technology enhances communication there is only one true form of communication--and that is from the Spiritual Heart. The Heart is the home of Love where there is a Unity of all things. There is no separation to be found here. If you feel you are separate from your friend it is only the ego that says so. The ego wants you to feel lacking so that it can weave a web of fear around you, a desperate sense of feeling incomplete, and thus keep you in its power. We are taught to look outside ourselves for completion, for happiness; but we never find it “out there.” No one has. People and things and events come and go. The only way to truly connect with your friend in a powerful and fearless way is to be your own secret lover.

When you are with your True Love—your Self, the mind stops all its incessant chatter, all its texting, and rests in the Peaceful Silence of Completion. Until you find Happiness or Completion within, your friend, or anyone else, will only reflect that disconnection. Remember who you are and Be Happy.



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