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One of the joys I have had exploring the ever-changing world of the Internet, is finding out about Solo Build It. I am not computer savvy. All I wanted to do was to be able to share my work with as many people as possible. I consider this sharing my work, my dharma. But not being computer literate, and not having extra money to hire webmasters, I floundered many years with my other sites. With my previous sites 20 visits a day was a big deal. How frustrating.

Now, after a year with Solo Build It, and following the step by step procedures that the Solo Build It program led me through (which was really hard for me to do because I like to think out of the box and do things on my own), I have created a site that has now gone over 900 hits a day. And with each day it grows more! This may not sound like much in comparison to other Solo Build It owners who have thousands of hits a day, but for me, who is a full-time teacher and who has little time to spend on the site, I am very pleased. Solo Build It costs me $1 a day, and I have easily made back my money with jobs that have come my way. There is also the joy of not only sharing this excellent program, but getting a commission as well for getting people to sign up. How fun is that!

So if you are interested in creating a great website (as well as joining a truly fabulous online helpful community) to get your message out, to promote your services, and to bring in revenue, check out the following videos and learn more about this great program.

SBI Testimonial

SBI Video Tour

Well, I hope you have a better idea now about Solo Build It. Contact me if you have any questions. Wishing you success in your endeavors. Peace.


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