by Shanda

"Traveler 13" by Janaka Stagnaro

I was lost, a righteous prisoner of my own doing, lost my thoughts I began to fade and my passions were long gone away.

My eyes, though compared by most to emeralds, were no longer seeing because my life I was losing. Losing a battle that I could no longer see, I was an incomplete stranger to my ownself, not knowing who in the human form can help me to see and to live again?

Who on this path possessed that beauty from the love that the divine creator, the true friend and God of all beauty, sent to me?


I could no longer rise to my feet without stumbling, I could no longer find the strength to desire the taste of honey once so sweet. God sent me Mumin, on that day, I realized he...they were there all along never to leave my side. Where they would lead I would also follow.

God gave me Mumin, Mumin came to me in my suffering and gave me hope in human form. Daily I see slowly, my focus and my path has taken me to a different place, I will learn the best of me to see the battles I face so that I as the Sufi Lover of God alone have centered him in my soul and I will no longer rest even in times of defeat, heartbreak and struggle--my path and my journey I will embrace.

I do not exist only in the eyes of God. Only thru the eyes of Mumin will I see my reflections. When the winds blow silent and all is said and done, I can not longer look backwards on the time I have wasted, the days are gone now. I can only hold the hand of Mumin, he holds my heart and God Alone Holds My Soul.

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May 25, 2013
The Beloved Always Smiling
by: Janaka

Peace be to you, Shanda,

Thank you for your inspirational words of your finding the power of Mumin, or the power of being a Believer upon your Path. It sounds as though you have come to experiencing the Power That is behind and guides the Sufi Path, "to the wind that blows silent."

Indeed, when we come to that Power, to the Beloved, then all those leavings that we have done so ignorantly no longer blinds us with remorse, shame, guilt, we move on from the Present of the Heart, believing or knowing that we are so loved no matter what we have done or haven't done. What joy that is, and what freedom. Like a child I am that whenever I fall in thought, word or deed, I quickly look over my shoulder, and there the Beloved stands, smiling with arms outstretched. And with that glow of that Smile I move on, creating.

Baruch Bashan -- The Blessings Already Are


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