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Mindfulness Meditation Techniques Site Map will guide you as you explore the many tools offered here for your spiritual awakening.

"Choice implies consciousness - a high degree of consciousness. Without it, you have no choice. Choice begins the moment you disidentify from the mind and its conditioned patterns, the moment you become present....Nobody chooses dysfunction, conflict, pain. Nobody chooses insanity. They happen because there is not enough presence in you to dissolve the past, not enough light to dispel the darkness. You are not fully here. You have not quite woken up yet. In the meantime, the conditioned mind is running your life." -Eckhart Tolle

Meditation Techniques Basics

Mindfulness Meditation Techniques Home Page

What You Need to Know about Meditation Techniques

Satsang or Meditating Solo?

Meditation Tools: Aids to Help You on Your Inner Journey

Sufism: The Power of Dhikr

Eastern Meditation Techniques

Mindfulness Meditation

Self Meditation or Self Inquiry

Hindu Meditations: Meditation Techniques from India

Hindu Trinity Meditation: Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma

Buddhist Meditation

Tantric Yoga: Sacred Sex

3-Step Advaita Meditation

Advaita Meditation Technique Inspired by the Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

Western Meditation Techniques

New Age Meditation: Living a Metaphysical Life

A Hathor Planetary Message: Medicines of Light Meditation

Christian Meditations

Saint Francis Meditation: My God, My All

The Lord's Prayer: A Christian Meditation in Nondualism

St. Francis Prayer Meditations

Remembering the Fun in Fundamentalism: Going Beyond Words Meditation Technique

Tarot Readings: Meditation on Our Archetypes

New Age Meditation: I AM

A Course in Miracles: A Sublime Meditation

The Real Christ: Bernadette Robert's New Book

Spiritual Articles

The Coming of the Star and It's Symbolic Significance

Wisdom Tales: Planting Seeds of Character

8 Essential Things You Can Do to Stay Sane During a World Pandemic

Traffic School of Awareness

Does Compassion Belong in Advaita Vedanta When There is No Other?

Nondualism and the Art of Becoming Human

Enlightenment in the New Age

The Paths of Devotion and Knowledge

What is the Role of a Spiritual Teacher: Guru or Friend?

Compassion in a Nest of Zombies

The Teachings of Yama

Intro to Yama

Ten Commandments: A Nondualism Perspective

Having a Beautiful Day Amid Chaos

Compassion in a World of Idiots

The Coronavirus and Ways of Karma

Crossing the Steppes with Mindful Loving

The Will To Do

Inspirational Stories

"Death Rat"

"The Ancient One"

Inspirational Stories: Wisdom for the Journey

Inspirational Story: "The Ant and the Honey"

Inspirational Story: "The Desert Spring"

Inspirational Story: "War and Peace"

Inspirational Story: "The Tigress and the Mouse"

Inspirational Story: "The Sage"

The Power of Love

"Saving a Pigeon: A Lesson in Evolution?"

"Doctor Patient Role Reversal: A Great Lesson (Part 1"

"Doctor Patient Role Reversal: A Great Lesson (Part 2)"

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes and Other Words of Wisdom

Inspirational Quotes: The Urantia Book

Hindu Quotations: Wisdom from India

Christian Quotations: Remembering the Christ

Inspirational Quotes: A Course in Miracles

Inspirational Quotations: Sufi Wisdom

Inspirational Quotes to Help Me Get Through the Day

More Inspirational Quotes to Get Me Through the Day

Still More Inspirational Quotes to Get Me Through the Day

Illustrated Inspirational Quotations

Illustrated Inspirational Quotations 2

Inspirational Poetry 

Inspirational Poem: The Ascent

Inspirational Poetry: The Pilgrim

Inspirational Poem: Spiritual Warrior

Inspirational Poem: Silence Under Tree and Moon

Inspirational Poem: I Caught a Wave Today

Inspirational Poetry: A Story of a King

Inspirational Poetry: The Dancer upon Bald Hill

Inspirational Poetry: Watching Forth

Inspirational Poetry: The Beloved's Cake

Inspirational Poetry: Offerings to the Beloved

Inspirational Poetry: Nondualism Poems

Inspirational Poetry: Finding Your Self

Inspirational Poem: Enthusiasm

Inspirational Poem: Beyond the Beyond

Inspirational Poem: Freedom

God We Praise

Touch Someone's Life

Be Optimistic

Inspirational Books

Inspirational Books: Friends for the Journey

Tasting Freedom

The Seeker (An Excerpt)

Holistic Health

Body Mind: Holistic Healing

Anxiety and Depression: The Masks of the Ego

Sacred Sites and Earth Changes

Earth Changes: An Open Letter at the End of Time

2012: A Time of Awakening

Sacred Sites: Power Spots for Meditation

Santa Cruz: The Holy Cross

Meditation Techniques in Movement and Sound

Mind, Body, Spirit: Meditation in Movement

Meditation Sound: Meditation Mantras, Invocations and More

Tai Chi: Meditation in Movement


Ramana Maharshi: The Embodiment of Advaita Vedanta

Sai Baba: The Passing of an Enigma


Spiritual Counsel: Some Free Advice

Janaka’s Spiritual Journey and Biography

Spiritual Counseling Services Offered

Testimonials About Janaka

Basic Contact Information

Janaka's Inspirational Books

Spiritual Advice/Questions and Answers

By-Products of Self Inquiry and the Challenge of Sexuality

Existential Crisis and Feeling Stuck in Life

Should I Protect Myself in the Ways of Love?

Smoking--The Ego's Stumbling Block

I Suffer from my Past

Smoking--My Stumbling Block 2

I Can't Meditate

Curses: Real or Not?

Feeling Trapped by a Curse

My Secret Lover

Relationship is Not Easy

We Can Do It! Hope for Change

To Facebook or Not to Facebook?

My Continuing Hope

The Collapse of the World as We Know It

Stretch Out a Helping Hand

Removing a Curse: Is It a Scam?

Heart vs. Sexuality

How Do I Trust in God?

Mantras, Inner Sounds and Vegetarianism

Why Death?


Would Like to Find My Work Path


I Am Lost

Deep Meditation Problem

Doing and Non-Doing

My Head is Spinning with 'Who Am I?'



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For over 30 years I have been a spiritual practitioner of both Eastern and Western methods. I have studied most world religions and am familiar with many contemporary systems of beliefs. I am the author of eight books. The Teachings of Yama: A Conversation with Death reflects my synthesis of East and West. I am also a storyteller, artist, Waldorf teacher, and meditation instructor, and parent. I live in Carmel Valley, California, and would love to hear from you: janaka_om@yahoo.com

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