by N.K. Ramani

"Arunachala Shiva," Janaka Stagnaro

Can one do different type of meditation like mantra meditation with focus on a desired god or a breath mediation? Is it necessary to restrict to one form of meditation only?



Thank you for your questions. I know in a lot of yogic circles there is counsel to find one's deva ishta, one's favorite aspect of Divinity and stick with it. It is said if one keeps going from one practice to another it is akin to digging for gold and making only shallow pits, and never reaching the Mother Lode. And I agree with that to a certain extent. For myself, atma vichara, or self-inquiry, has been my primary focus for many years. However, the desire to do mantras arise and I am drawn to various aspects of divinity.

I am pretty sanguine and I like a variety. For me it's like having various colors for my spiritual palette having multiple mantras to use, or other meditations to work with. I think the most important thing is keeping the mind anchored on the Divine, no matter what form that takes, and mantras are great for doing that.

I hope that helps.



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