Meditation Sound: Meditation Mantras, Invocations and More

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

From this word, this sound, all of creation arose. The mystics have none this from time immemorial. Now science has come to their understanding when physicists have come to the realization that all things are vibrating. Our atoms are literally dancing. In the Vedic tradition this sound is AUM (pronounced OM).

The following is an image of Shiva, who is depicted dancing in a Cosmic dance. As he dances he both destroys and creates. Every movement creates sound, whether we can hear it or not.

Nataraja's dance of destruction and creation. Cymatics is a science that looks at the patterns that various sounds make. I did an experiment with my 6th grade class when we were studying physics. On a Chladni plate (a square metal surface), we sprinkled salt and then drew a violin bow across an edge. The children were amazed to watch the salt move and form various geometric shapes. The following is a cymatics experiment.

David Icke talks about how the universe is created by sound with some great images that exemplify this point.

In India there is the mantra and the yantra. The mantra is the sacred sound that is represented by the yantra or the geometric shape. If you apply that belief to the phenomenon of crop circles could it be that the earth or some form of intelligence is communicating to us. After i had this experience of what is called an Ascension experience, when I was vibrating at a very high rate, where there was no fear in me at all, I had a dream. In the dream I was asked if I wanted to see the city that was being created above Los Angeles. I was taken up to this city and I can only say that the city was comprised of living, communicating geometric shapes. My limited 3-D perspective tried to make sense of this higher dimensional experience.

According to Gregg Braden and other scientists, the earth is vibrating faster today than it did 40 years ago. The actual electrical pulse of the planet is pulsing faster, like a drummer increasing the tempo into there is finally a climax. A climax into what? Usually climaxes are looked forward to, to when there is a satisfying sigh of release. These are the times we live in. The higher the frequency the more compicated forms emerge on the Chladni plate. And the higher frequency one operates in in terms of consciousness, love prevails and fear falls away. Fear is a low vibration.

The following video shows the complicated forms crop circles now appear in.

So sound is extremely important in our lives. Most of us, however, especially those of us who live in the city,are bombarded by the sounds of the machine, while the sounds of nature goes farther and farther into the background. That is why it is so important to create beautiful sounds in ones environment and in one's life.

In a high-school art class I had my students draw while they were listening to classical music and then while they listened to heavy metal. Their drawings clearly demonstrated the effect of music upon us, as their former drawings were very dark and chaotic compared to the much softer drawings while listening to classical. There have been a lot of studies how music affects plants. Plants thrive with calmer music and suffer with more chaotic. So do we.

I will talk about various things that you can do to help you come to a meditative and uplifted state of being by the use of sound. I have used mantras and invocations a lot over the years to help focus my mind, change my vibration and influence my world. Chanting and listening to sacred music are powerful sound meditations as well as meditating to the sounds of nature.

The following are some sound meditations and areas dealing with sound I will cover:

meditation mantras
tibetan bells
nature sounds
ambient music
aum meditation

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