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Links to quality sites that focus on wisdom and care for body, mind and spirit.

"I have an almost religious zeal... not for technology per se, but for the Internet which is for me, the nervous system of mother Earth, which I see as a living creature, linking up."--Dan Millman

The following are sites that are high quality and seem to offer a genuine service in areas that support a meditative and conscious life. But with all things, discrimination is needed. This is a work in progress. If you would like to exchange links or inform me about an exceptional site please contact me.


Jim Dreaver A nondualism author (End Your Story. Begin Your Life) and teacher, and friend of mine, living in Southern California, CA. Teachers are Jean Klein, Krishnamurti and Nature. Helps people see past the many stories we believe we are.

Advaita VisionThis is author Dennis Waite's excellent site that is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of Advaita and Nondualism, from a variety of perspectives. A good source for finding various nondualistic teachers.

Awakening to the Dream--A Nonduality site featuring the book by the same name by Leo Hartong, including a very beautiful newsletter.

Advaita Notebook-- Jewels of non-dual wisdom by Peter Marjason. Profoundly simple.

Peter's Pearls--Peter is a spiritual teacher and counselor in the nondualist tradition, residing in Perth, Australia. He offers daily wisdom quotations from various teachers.

Lotus Harmony-- website, devoted primarily to the non-dualistic spiritual philosophy known as 'advaita'. It is the website of Roy Whenary, English author of the book THE TEXTURE OF BEING, whose approach emphasizes the need to integrate the non-dualistic perspective into daily life.

Living Essence Foundation: Founded by Arjuna and Chameli Ardagh, the Living Essence Foundation is dedicated to facilitating the awakening of consciousness from the dream of separation, the identification with the story of being a body, a mind, and a personality, into the direct realization of being That which is present in all life. Workshops and books.

David Spero--Author and teacher, the site features David's writings, poetry and satsang schedule in Palm Springs, Calif. Devotional Advaita.

Radiance of Being -- Rodney Stevens's teachings is in the tradition of John Wheeler (his teacher), "Sailor" Bob Adamson, and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Stevens is based in Columbia, South Carolina.

Free Awareness -- for free books, audio, videos and schedule with Bentinho Massaro. Nondualism teachings.


Sri Ramanashram. The official site of Ramana Maharshi.

David Godman A long-time devotee of Ramana Maharshi. His books are an excellent source about the life and teachings of the great sage.

Sri Amma Karunamayi A divine mother who embodies the goddess Saraswati. She has a beautiful voice and a deep silence. Bhakti and jnana. A strong Vedic tradition.

Nandi--"Inspired by the Siddhar Sages of South India- Ancient Learning, Satsang, Art Gallery- "Visions Beyond Enlightenment", Turiya Yoga, the Yoga of Sages, Amma Goshala- a sanctuary for aged animals."

Vedanta Society of Northern California is a good source for getting in touch with the profound teachings of Ramakrishna (a God-man who followed many paths to their conclusion and thus saw all religions as different paths to the same Goal) and his powerful disciple, Vivekananda. Vedanta Centers always give me a spiritual recharge.

Siddha Yoga Teacher Training is an opportunity for those who want to immerse themselves in Vedic culture, learning and practicing various forms of yoga. Trainings are held in Bali, Dharamshala, Rishikesh and Goa. It looks like a good program, although I have not experienced it personally. Besides checking out their website here is a good in-depth review.


The Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) The FPMT is an organization devoted to the transmission of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and values worldwide through teaching, meditation and community service. We provide integrated education through which people’s minds and hearts can be transformed into their highest potential for the benefit of others, inspired by an attitude of universal responsibility. We are committed to creating harmonious environments and helping all beings develop their full potential of infinite wisdom and compassion.

Foundation for the Preservation of Mahayana Tradition: Excellent resource of Tibetan Buddhism


A Course In Miracles - Foundation for Inner Peace Website of the original publisher of A Course in Miracles, a self-study spiritual thought system that teaches the way to Universal Love through Forgiveness. I found this teaching so very powerful and practical. It could be placed in Nondualism or New Age. But I put it here because my experience is that it is the teachings of Christ.

Matthew Fox Matthew Fox is an ex-communicated Roman Catholic priest because he preached a creation spirituality that focuses on our divine nature and eternal connection with God, and not the belief that we are born sinners. He is an amazing writer and honors all the traditions that bring a joyful unity to the world and humanity. A true mystic.

ACIM inspired author, DavidPaul Doyle, offers meditation for beginners and provides daily spiritual quotes from The Voice for Love within.

Community Miracles Center--This is a community dedicated to teaching and learning A Course in Miracles. It is based in San Francisco and offers ACIM ordination.

Native American/Indiginous People

Native Americans First People is a child friendly site about Native Americans and members of the First Nations. 1400+ legends, 400+ agreements and treaties, 10,000+ pictures, free clipart, Seed Bead Earrings, Native American Jewelry, Possible Bags and more. A lot of great stories, artwork and poetry to meditate upon to connect with Great Spirit, The Earth Mother and all our relations.


Jay Jay Michaelson is a writer, scholar, and activist whose work focuses on the intersections of religion, spirituality, sexuality, and law. Jay brings forward the Kabbalistic view, or non-view, that there is no God out there but is That which is All That Is.


The Threshold SocietyThe Threshold Society, rooted within the traditions of Sufism and inspired by the life and work of Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi, is a non-profit educational foundation with the purpose of facilitating the experience of Divine Unity, Love, and Truth in the world.

New Age/Metaphysical

Anthroposophical Society in America The Anthroposophical Society in America: The many aspects of anthroposophy: Waldorf Education, Rudolf Steiner, Biodynamic agriculture, Eurythmy, Medicine,and more. I first learned about Anthroposophy when I began my Waldorf teacher training. The teachings of Steiner helped me integrate spirituality and working in the world.

Sync Gaia Hug We are all One living on One Planet. This site is dedicated to connecting meditators from all around the world to give our Earth a loving psychic hug, and to help us to connect with our Greater Self of Humanity.

Consciousness Evolving - Personal Growth Through Joy Evolving Consciousness is your Amazing Spiral of Personal Development through Joy! Creating, Recreating and Expressing in an Endless, Glorious Dance of Joy.

Self Help Blog. Self help subjects for understanding your mind and conscious deliberate reality creation using imagination.

Seth Returns:The author and educator known as SETH is again writing books. Seth was one of my first teachers in the 80s (channeled by Jane Roberts) and taught me how fluid reality really is. Mark has continued the tradition of being Seth's channel.

Terry Boardman--Insights about the times we live in through an Anthroposophical perspective.

The Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic-- A site for learning or enhaning one's knowledge about shamanism, magic, tarot and more.

Mouni Sadhu-- A site dedicated to the memory and teachings of Mouni Sadhu, who was an occultist and mystic who found the highest Truth in the Silence embodied by Ramana Maharshi.

Pacific Coast Church: A church that goes to the Essential under the aegis of Dr. Bill Little. When I'm back home in Monterey, you'll most likely will find me there on Sundays. Dr. Bill married my wife and I in a ceremony of East and West.

Enlightened Alliances: A site dedicated in networking with others to bring about individual and planetary well-being, where people work together with a win-win attitude. Workshops to help bring passion into ones life at all levels.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health Holistic Health provides information on wellbeing, health and life style. Search pages and articles on diet, exercise, nutrition, spiritual guidance, meditation and a whole lot more, all to do with how to live a more rewarding and vital life.

Linda White Dove --Healing instruction, facilitation and information for personal fulfillment as a path of planetary healing.

Energy Medicine Cabinet--Non-toxic, inexpensive, easy to use alternatives that address both symptons and causes of illness via written attunements to stimulate your innate healing abilities

Breema Center: A non-dualistic body movement, message, and meditation out of the Sufi tradition. I have had the joy of taking many classes here. Very profound--leads one into the Silence of Being.

Inspirational Art

The Art of Rassouli: Beautiful paintings to touch the Soul.

The Visionary Art Gallery featuring Helena Nelson-Reed: Exceptional visionary artwork.

Jan Haag: Artist, musician, writer, poet and traveler with some amazing tapestry art.

Emy Ledbetter --Emy is a visionary artist whose paintings reflect her personal adventures in the spirit world. Her artwork are the images for the Guardian of Wisdom cards.

Paintology --Frances Heussenstamm is a psychotherapist by profession and a spiritual artist by inspiration. She paints life in the cycle of birth and rebirth. For her, all world religions, faiths, beliefs, hold something sacred and meaningful and should be celebrated.

Inspirational Writing/Poetry

David Whyte--Beautiful poetry of the Heart and Soul. David has been an inspiration fro my own poetry.

All Spirit: From Advaita to Zen, poetry, quotations and lyrics. Daily quotations.

Poetry Chaikhana--The poet Ivan Granger's site dedicated to the mystic poets throughout the ages. A great collection to stir the Heart and silence the Mind.

Esolibris-- A site full of spiritual articles and books covering the whole metaphysical spectrum

Lotus and Rose--"Lotus and Rose" encourages individual discovery rather than pushing any single point of view, suggesting that there is a place for everyone and something to be appreciated around every bend in the garden path. It's fine to bloom right where you are.

Lyrical Works--Join us in an exploration of the raw materials of meaning: symbols, myths, dreams, poetry and stories. You will see works by people a lot like you, people who are using their imaginations to explore some of the most important questions we ever ask:  who am I, why am I here, and what does it all mean?

Poet Seers--A large collection of sacred poetry, both contemporary and ancient.

Pathways Within--"Our mission is to share with readers inspiring words of spiritual wisdom as well as the desire to support and share knowledge that will assist in the transformation and growth of the soul." Unfortunately its online magazine is no longer publishing, but the past issues are available.


Have Mouth Will Run It--Michael McCarthy is one of the warmest guys you will ever meet and his ever-smiling mouth loves to tell tales. I have had the pleasure of hearing his diverse tales (specializing in cross-cultural folk and spiritual tales) for many years.

Inspirational Short Stories "An uplifting break to your day - short stories to lift your spirits". A lot of nice stories here.

Healing Story Alliance--"Our purpose is to explore and promote the use of storytelling in healing. Our goal for this special interest group is to share our experience and our skills, to increase our knowledge of stories and our knowledge of the best ways to use stories to inform, inspire, nurture and heal. We also wish to reach beyond our storytelling community to share with those in other service professions; therapists, clergy, health care practitioners of all kinds, anyone who can see the benefit of story as a tool for healing." An affiliate of NSN.

National Storytelling Network--Bringing together and nurturing individuals and organizations that use the power of storytelling in all its forms. A must for those interested in storytelling.

Storytelling Association of Alta California--This site is a good one for finding out about the storytelling scene in Northern California. the storyteller Karen Chase. A very sweet site.

Inspirational Music/Chanting/Videos

Krishna Das One of my favorite kirtan/ chanting singers. A nice blend of Indian chants with a Western flavor. He comes out of the lineage of Neem Karoli Baba.

Maireid Sullivan--An Irish singer and poet. Great Irish music. I have had the pleasure of knowing this multi-talented Celtic woman for many years.

Triliving Blog: Come and have a sharing with me on living a meaningful life by expressing Truth, Beauty and Goodness. I have a lot of great videos I have gathered from the net.


Waldorf World:A great Source for Waldorf teachers and those interested in Waldorf education.

Paths of Learning: Explore creative practices and teaching strategies for educators, parents, scholars and policy makers. Learn about progressive education programs that advance holistic education and other innovative approaches.

Live Education:  An excellent resource for both parents who want to homeschool with Waldorf methods as well as for teachers who want to enliven their lessons. Very comprehensive curriculum books.

Waldorf in the Home: How can home life be nourishing for every member of the family? Waldorf in the Home is written by Rahima Baldwin Dancy and Cynthia Aldinger (along with guest writers) for Waldorf parents, home schooling families and anyone interested in the LifeWays approach to parenting and childcare.

Coalition Against Geo-Engineering:To protect our planet from famine and disease inflicted by insane scientists, monopolistic corporations, and rogue governments. All geo-engineering programs must be stopped; not monitored; not limited; not put under UN control; but stopped–now. We think our technology can solve our issues, but the eco-systems on this planet are too complicated and intricate for us to say that we know what we are doing.

Spiritual Tools, Directories and Accessories

Success Consciousness--A website that provides articles, guidance, quotes and ezine about spiritual growth, nonduality, meditation, self-improvement, happiness, mind power, positive thinking and creative visualization. is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Virtue Science: Guides, Gurus and Godbeings--James Barton has created this website that covers a variety of spiritual and metaphysical topics. My favorite aspect is being able to push a button that randomly chooses a teacher with his or her quotes. It's kind of like a reading of sorts as nothing happens by accident.

Satsang/Spiritual Retreats

Satsang Teachers and Schedules This is a great site linking to the many Nondualism teachers out there, and to find out where you can join them in the ultimate discussion that leads into the Silence beyond the words and mind.

Find the Divine--Religious Retreats...Spiritual Retreats... over 1,200 Retreat Centers...Active Retreat Calendar... over 50 Spiritual Directors.Your information source for retreat centers, spiritual workshops, pilgrimages, and retreats & spiritual direction.

Nonduality Salon: A great site for joining non-dualistic groups and receiving daily inspirations.

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