Janaka's Inspirational Books: Words to Uplift and Reveal

Janaka's inspirational books, "Footprints Along the Shore of an Incoming Tide" and "Silent Ripples" are works that will uplift one's spirit and reveal one's true nature.

All of Janaka's poems move and inspire me—they speak so clearly and beautifully of the world's relative reality, while always pointing to the Divine truth of the Reality of what we are. —Jim Dreaver, "Way of Harmony and End Your Story, Begin Your Life"

Janaka is a poet, teacher, mystic, and seeker of truth. The poems in this collection read like refreshing love songs to the divine essence in all of us. In the tradition of Rumi, Hafiz and the mystical poets, Janaka’s poems flow from the heart, and convey a sense of longing for the inner realization of the light within. Let his words sweep you into the stream that leads to the center of joy in your heart. —Emory Michael, "Queen of the Sun and the Alchemy of Sacred Living"

A truly remarkable collection by a natural poet who tackles a profound subject with verve and enthusiasm, erotic, reverential at the same time. Each poem is worth a study and moves one in a different way. Congratulations! —Alan Jacobs, President of Ramana Maharshi Foundation U.K, author, poet, philosopher

Janaka has changed the curve of the Indian path: family, work, aesthetic by adding family again to the later part of the path. I read these poems as the expression of that extraordinary practice: to live in, but not of, the world. While keeping up family and metier. —Tom, Sebastopol

Janaka is a teacher, author, artist and storyteller known for weaving a magical spell of wisdom and enlightenment through his original stories. —Luminata Books, Monterey, California

I really enjoyed the poetry. They were beautifully written and had a certain innocence to them. The existential angst and the thirst to find the truth shows up in most beautiful ways in Janaka's writings. —Rajiv Agarwal, "The Seeker"

I love Janaka's writing and artwork. What a combination! What spirited high consciousness. In one breath, Janaka's work lifts you up and at the same time keeps you down to earth. I love how his writing combines opposites and how his beautiful wisdom comes through and often catches me unaware. This is a book to refer to time and time again. —Gloria Wendroff, "Heavenletters: Love Letters from God"

Janaka, poet, artist, author, offers a collection of original parables written while traveling in Australia, Asia, and the United States. They are an archetypal landscape floating before us as we read; our attention drawn to this or that, each person, each time, differently. This is a Dreaming meant to represent the qualities Soul must find if it is ever to re-awaken to itself. Parables traditionally seem to be a special kind of writing; we have to retain ourselves to read them. It is like reading poetry or somewhere in between.—Barnes and Noble customer

Come and enjoy Janaka's experiences of the Supreme Adventure, the blissful and endless journey to the heart of all being. As I read his accounts of the beings, states, and places he encounters on this wonderful journey, I realize that there is no adventure that compares to this one.—Barnes and Noble customer

The parables set forth in Silent Ripples present often forgotten and all too seldom used universal truths in a both compelling and imminently readable fashion. Janaka presents life's lessons in a manner that affects the individual and compels one to reexamine one's "truths"in a non judgmental manner. Truly a beautiful and enlightening book.—William, California

It's often hard to put into words one's relationship with self and God and our reason for being. The longing for love and the moments of pure grace that fill our hearts, with the simplest of joys that remind us of the unjourneying I need to take in order to feel God in my being. This book (Footprints Along the Shore of an Incoming Tide) evoked a deep sense of gratitude the words and images it created, short stories and poetry stirred my heart with an understanding of our deepest yearning. Thank you Janaka.....—Amazon customer

Inspirational Books for Adults

This book is not for those who want to find out about what happens after one dies or drops the body. This book is for those who want to come to the Place where death never existed at all, who want to know the true Self, changeless and all encompassing. This book is simply a reminder that death and change are but friends when seen from the I of All That Is. Topics include: meditation, relationships, parenting, nondualism, the Guru, nature of reality, spiritual practice and more.

"Like a dream this book is a collection of actual personal experiences (whether in waking or dreaming consciousness), imagination, and stories and teachings of others that have become a part of how I express myself in the world. Many of the stories readers will recognize, despite my elaborations, with various ones coming from Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The teachings and teachers who have influenced me and thus this book have been, beyond the aforementioned Ramana and A Course in Miracles, to mention a few, are Joytish Harish and his teachings on the Leela game, The Impersonal Life, Karunamayi, Nisargadata, Rumi, The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, Rudolf Steiner and his Waldorf education , the Buddha, and Life itself. As I have been synthesizing Eastern and Western teachings with my own experiences and realizations, along with this particular time and space I was born into as an American in the 21st century, so do the teachings of Yama reflect this.

This is not a channeled book by some entity named Yama. I was fully conscious through all of the writing. Yama is simply an Inspiration. A Focus. A Reminder. I cannot say that the Yama of this book is real or unreal, any more than I can say that this Janaka of this life is real or unreal. Does it matter anyhow?"

The path to God, or to the Beloved, is not an easy path, although it is the easiest path there is. It is wrought with challenges and temptations to draw our focus away from the Divine and to entice us to run after fleeting things, little moments of pleasure. While at the same time, it is the easiest thing because all we have to do is just remember who we really are, and the Beloved is 100 percent behind this quest, and the whole universe is set up with that end in mind.

This collection of poems to the Self by the Self remind us all of who we really are beyond our many definitions, and is a guide for us when we forget. These poems were written while running along the devotional path (bhakti) and sitting upon the path of Self-knowledge (jnana).

The veil is simply lifting. It is time to wake up and see beyond the meat; beyond the shifting images.

And see the Beloved, Who is Beauty Eternal, waiting with open arms.

Beyond the Beyond--An inspirational poem honoring the emptiness of the Australian Outback and the Outback of the Mind

The Beloved's Cake--An inspirational poem honoring the three levels of life

Reflections and poems about God, the Self and walking on the Path.

In the tradition of the poet mystics of the East, Footprints Along the Shore of an Incoming Tide: Impressions of a Fellow Traveler is a collection of 38 reflections and inspirations of the author from his many viewpoints since 1987—as tarot reader, lover, father, screen writer, devotee, artist, Waldorf teacher, traveler and dreamer. These writings are an expression of the timeless truth ever known by Sages of all ages that there is only God, and you are That which you seek. They are writings for this time that we live in—a time of incredible opportunity for spiritual awakening.

Available in both paper and ebook form.

Poetry from this inspirational book

Trust--a nondualism poem about trusting in the Real and not what is just passing.

Enthusiasm--a poem about being possessed by the spirit of children and of God.

Freedom--a poem about what true freedom entails, a state of being that we can only know when we become the Master.

Stories to inspire, guide and awaken us back to the Source of All That Is.

Throughout the ages, all over the world, stories have been used to inspire, to guide and to awaken humanity in our quest to rediscover our Divinity and to answer the prime question: Who am I? In a style similar to Kahlil Gibran, Silent Ripples: Parables for the Soul, is a collection of 39 parables to remind the reader of our Absolute, Unchanging, Divine Self. Greatly inspired by A Course in Miracles, the tarot, Ramana Maharshi, and years of being a Waldorf teacher, these stories emerged.

Available in both paper and ebook form.

Inspirational stories from Silent Ripples: Parables for the Soul

"The Desert Spring"-- An inspirational story about the abundance of God that is forever to be used and shared.

"The Tigress and the Mouse"--An inspirational story about the power of anger to remove old habits and to create freedom from one's cage.

"War and Peace"--An inspirational story about the real cause of war and the need to find Peace within.

"The Ancient One"--An inspirational story about the dangers of obsessive use of technology.

The Beloved's Cake, from Beyond the Beyond
Finding Your Self, from Beyond the Beyond
Enthusiasm: An inspirational poem from Footsteps Along the Shore of an Incoming Tide
Freedom: An inspirational poem from Footprints Along the Shore of an Incoming Tide
Silent: Ripples: The Ancient One
Silent Ripples: The Desert Spring
Silent Ripples: The Tigress and the Mouse
Silent Ripples: War and Peace
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