Inspirational Poem:
Beyond the Beyond

The following inspirational poem, "Beyond the Beyond," was inspired by my travels in Australia when I was in my late twenties. Fascinated by this ancient land since my childhood, I had a powerful dream when I was trekking in the Himalayas about meeting my Aboriginal Father. While I did not meet anyone who would fit that description when I made it to that land, I found It in the land. I hitchhiked pretty much the whole continent, meeting fabulous people and imbibing the Spirit of that land. I would often go alone to remote areas where I would meditate and write. This poem is in honor of that Land.

Beyond the Beyond

In my chair I travel the Outback;

Beyond the beyond,

Back of Burke.

I walk under a Sun

Too intense for city dwellers

To lug around their grocery bags,

Where no roads lead

To neon-lined malls.

In this outback of my mind

There is nothing I can find

To rub my leg upon,

To even spit and shine.

My feet are rubbed raw

Walking over the bones of loved ones,

Killed by expectation’s embrace.

I have no face

Beyond the beyond;

No words back of Burke…

Only a Silence

And a Nameless Name calls me,

Leads me,

To where all things grow without a trace.

Yes, I sit in my chair

And walk the empty Outback,

Beyond the beyond,

Back of Burke

And quench my thirst

Without a sound

In the Great Billabong.

--Janaka Stagnaro

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