I Can't Meditate!

by Danielle
(Sydney, Australia)


No matter how hard I try, I sit down to meditate and I can't help thinking of all kinds of things. I am a single parent and I have a lot to do and not enough time to do everything. I am always busy. I know meditation would be good for me, but I can't just sit there when I have chores to do. Am I hopeless?


Hi Danielle,

Thank you for your question. You are not alone. It is not easy to be a single parent and take care of all the responsibilities that is entailed to run a household, as well as working.

With that said, you need to take care of yourself. If you imagine outward activity as exhaling and introspection as inhaling, what would your breathing pattern look like? You would be hyper ventilating. And when one hyper ventilates one depletes one's energy pretty quickly. The stress level continues to build and you can risk serious illness. It is said by ancient teachings that we are allocated so many breaths. If that is so, what would be a wiser course?

Eileen Caddy, one of the founders of Findhorn (a New Age community in Scotland) and a mother, found her only time to meditate was in the outhouse! Whenever you can, take advantage of those spaces of time and slow down, breathe, and relax. Even if it is for 5 minutes, just breathe in "I" and exhale "AM." You can do this while driving and at anytime. Connect to your essence whenever you can and remember I AM.



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Mar 30, 2011
Chicken Without a Head
by: Anonymous

Good advice. I run around like a chicken without a head most of the time. I'll try breathing I Am. Maybe that will help my stress level.

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