How Do I Trust in God?

I have some questions about meditating.Would you share please share some of your methods of stopping the mind from talking so loudly......There are rare times when I sink into true quiet without falling asleep Just prior to sleep is the stillest I seem
to be...but then I might  go into a dream.

How do I learn to trust God and bring him more into my daily thoughts? 
Is it just a matter of time? When I think about cutting away who I am and what my
impression of life is....I feel so much Grace...How does that continue
into everyday life...?.

Is trust in God the way to release fears...? appreciate your feedback...



The mind is habituated to run unchecked. For years and years the mind has been the master of your life, full of past events with their labels of good and bad, as well as of dreams and schemes and hopes and fears tucked in the file folder of the future. It never wants to rest and be still in the moment, in the Now; otherwise it would disappear. The mind is like a mirage of shimmering thoughts, always just ahead of you, prompting you along. It does not want you to see if it is real at all. So you see, having the mind be still is no easy task. People will prepare for marathons for years. Stilling the mind is much more difficult.

There are various methods I have found effective to still this mind. I have used Self-Inquiry to go to the Source. Another method I recommend is to close your eyes and to say internally a key phrase or a mantra whenever any thought arises. Then follow the last word back into the Silence from whence it came. Be in that Silence. And when another thought comes, repeat the mantra or the affirmation. 'A Course in Miracles' has wonderful affirmations. My favorite is: 'I am as God created me.' The mantra or the affirmation is not as important as being in the Silence. If you fall asleep that is fine. Do not feel bad. You might, however, try sitting up straighter and focusing your eyes to the middle of your forehead, the Third Eye area. Also meditate before you become too tired, such as early evening.

How can you trust God more? Stop thinking! The mind does not want you to trust God, it wants you to trust in it. And by mind I mean the egoic mind that says you are nothing but a body, alone and desperate in an unforgiving world. For most people it usually takes disappointment after disappointment of chasing and tasting the things of the world before one says enough and goes after God. Then God holds out his hands in welcome. Where your mind dwells is what you value. When you dwell on the past or the future, you are dwelling on time and things that occur in time. Time or the temporal is then what you value. When you dwell on God, calling out to God, speaking Gods infinite Names in Silence, or chanting and singing, and by walking in the Present in Awareness, then you are valuing the timeless, the Infinite. What you think about you will become. Think about decaying bodies and passing events, so that is what you become...or at least that is what you will believe you are. If you think about God...ahhh, then life becomes the bliss that it always has been, and you become the Infinite Being Who always IS.

So tell me, where does fear belong in the Mind of God? Where can fear hide when there is no thing to fear? Where can fear lurk if you reside in God and God in you?

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