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Aug 13, 2016
Becoming Comfortable with the Unknowing
by: Janaka

All those questions that you wrestled with are questions that we all eventually must ask ourselves, when we are dissatisfied with all what the world offers, until we come to the 'I' that is asking all those questions. Not knowing is so maddening for the mind that wants to know everything so it can rest in its cage of self-satisfaction. I am glad you are feeling comfortable in that unknowing, in that expansiveness of not holding onto something. And thank you, Abhishek, for not calling me 'sir;' 'friend' I prefer.
In gratitude,

Aug 13, 2016
Hungry mind it, known it has to die

Its a great pleasure that there are persons who can understand the obstacles in spiritual journey.
I don't have a true guru. Some point in life/ some situations in life made me ask question why am "I" living for ? for
whom "I" living for ?. Am "I" worthy living? I stared to search for truth, still didn't know the answer. but at least now knower knows "I" is the problem creator, I will live till the end, but I am quite sure my desire for finding god is impossible, There is no GOD. There is only godliness.( when I see someone reply to my spiritual thought Just like you reply to me). I feel vibrant and exited that too is desire born stimulus hope time will erase that too. There is no single person as guru, life is the best guru. There is no answer to the unknown. cos if unknown can be described it can never remain as unknown. So i got the point, wait for the day until the curiosity of unknown is gone and become unknown itself .
Thank you sir (I cant address you "sir" you are part of Paramatma and me too, "sir" is only for ego so let me call you thank you godliness hope that this wont feed your spiritual ego) with lots of love thank you my friend thanks a lot.

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