God We Praise

by Alan Jacobs
(London, England)

"Watching the Sunset," Janaka Stagnaro

My hymn is sung to that great and holy One,
Who dwells in splendour, a radiant light,
That shines in every heart, and every Sun
Of Self-effulgent beauty, blazing bright.
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!
Make our actions worthy in Thy holy sight.

Oh Lord, we pray to keep Thee ever in our sight,
Oh Thou, whom we adore, our God, the holy One.
Thy rays of grace and love are always bright
In strength and power, as in the golden Sun.
Keep us from wavering, fix our hearts on light,
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!

Thou art All and Thy mighty will be done!
Not foolish will of ego, lest it darkens sight
And screens us from Thee, oh majestic One.
Thy blinding brilliance of eternity bright
Is stronger, deeper, than summer’s noon-day Sun.
Let’s bathe in Thy blissful balm of blessed light.

Lead us from nescient dark to conscious light!
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!
And ever mindful, we’re resting in Thy sight;
Thou art father, mother, friend, oh holy One,
Thy perennial fire is shining clear and bright,
Deep in our hearts, flames Thy splendid inward Sun.

Thou within us, who hides, is also in the Sun,
Dark clouds are dispelled by thy beacon light.
On bended knee we praise Thee, primordial One,
Who through grace revealed, demists our frosted sight.
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!
Polish the mirrors of our souls, make them bright.

Oh jewel of faith, that sparkles diamond bright,,
And shines fiercely like our bosom friend, the Sun,
Thaw our frigid hearts with warmth and light,
Thou art All and Thy mighty will be done!
Oh, let our deeds be worthy in Thy holy sight,
To hymn our love for Thee, oh great and holy One.

Praise to the wondrous One, burning beryl bright,
Make Thy wisdom light to guide us, as the Sun,
And may Thy will be done, in Thy all knowing sight!

Alan Jacobs

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May 27, 2012
Glory to the Sun
by: Janaka Stagnaro

I have to admit that I have never come across a sestina poem prior to this lovely contribution by Alan Jacobs.

The Sun is such a power allegory for God. For without the Sun no life can exist. And no matter what we do down here the Sun always shines down upon us. Of course, we can build factories to foul the air or spread chem trails to try to diminish the light, but none of that affects the Sun. To our little lives the Sun is immortal. And when we find ourselves in the nighttime of our lives, shaking in fear from the strange sounds of the night, all we have to do is remember that the Sun will rise again, as it has from the beginning, restoring our sight and to allow us to behold the glory of a new day. Our modern mind has almost dispelled the magic that we as humans have felt towards the Sun, by calling it a ball of gas that will some day super nova like so many of the other stars in the universe. But even open-minded scientists will admit that the Sun is a most mysterious object in space, and that we really know so little about it from our little limited 3-D perspective. And if we can admit that the Sun is so mysterious, how much more unfathomable is God.

Glory to the Sun, who rises every day; for the Sun and the Father are One. May all who feel the blessed warmth of the Sun feel the radiant Sun of the Self--the Self that "hides within us" and dwells within the Sun.

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