Feeling Trapped by a Curse

by D

I am in a really bad situation at the moment. A few months ago I had met a psychic who made me believe that there is a curse on my family, from my mother's side, and that I am the medium to heal that curse. Since I am the medium therefore I should perform all these rituals and meditations, costing thousands of dollars to heal myself and my family. Only if I do that will my life be on track and that I will find the love of my life.

So I paid her some money and did a chakra cleansing meditation. That seemed to help me a bit, but now she is saying there needs to be a stronger meditation, as well as buying a crystal that will cost me $15,000. She says not to worry for the church she works from will give me a discount of only $5000. Also, she tells me that my soulmate has reincarnated in my ex-wife, and that in order to remove my soulmate's spirit from my ex, I need to do this crystal and meditation; otherwise there will be consequences I cannot take back.

Do you think all this is true? She keeps trying to prove to me that she is real. I am extremely sad and fearful because ever since I got in touch with her every bad thing that happens she says it is the negativity affecting me. I do not know if it is true or not. But somehow since meeting her I feel less liberated feel trapped and worthless. I feel powerless even though she tells me I can be powerful after the meditation. Every time I say no to her she says that it's the negativity attacking and she once again brings me back into her words and theories.

Please help me.

Thank you,

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