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Jul 07, 2016
Keeping Your Power and Not Giving It Away
by: Janaka

Namaste D,

Thank you for contacting me. Your situation of some "psychic" telling you that you have a curse and that only through what they offer (which, by the way, will cost you a lot of money) will this affliction be removed...possibly...(for it might require more rituals)is nothing new. This is spiritual blackmail. Whenever some "spiritual authority" uses fear to get you to do something, you are being manipulated. You are allowing yourself to be victim to this ploy.

The great thing about this, D, is that this person is teaching you that you have given your power over to someone else, and that this is an opportunity to discover who you really are. You are the Divine Self who is playing the Leela, believing you are but a body. And your world is surrounded by bodies, all corruptible, all soon to die. Believe in that lie and you suffer. However, if you go deep beyond your thoughts (where all those fears, anxieties exist, beyond the notions of soulmates and curses) you will remember who you really are--a Self that cannot be touched by anything outside, because there is no other outside of the One, of All That Is.

Even if you believe you are but a soul inhabiting a body, then put your faith on the Creator who made you, Who is far greater than a little curse. Surrender to that Power, Which dwells within you. Invoke a holy name of God and hold onto it, repeating it in your mind whenever fear arises.

Don't give that Power away. Be your Self. And stay away from anyone who says you must do this and that, for so much money, before grace can come into your life.

Have a blessed day, D, and remember who you are,


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