Existential Crisis and Feeling Stuck in Life

by Anonymous



I am in a very confusing place in life right now, probably going through a quarter-life crisis... I'm unemployed despite all my effort, stuck in a dead-end and emotionally abusive relationship, stuck living in a city I don't like at all, not knowing what my next step should be. I want to be free, peaceful and to reach the "flow" of my life; to find what I should do with my life and who I am. I think I'm looking for answers in all the wrong places, but I also practice meditation even though I can't seem to progress at all. I feel miserable and without energy all the time, where should I even start?


Dear Friend,

To make changes in the external without the internal changes will only lead to the same suffering. Everyone on this planet is living within limitations. If we have an inkling of what it was like before incarnating, we will feel the pain of the density of this dimension. But we are here to transcend that feeling and to bring Heaven to this realm of darkness.

It is your little self, that identifies with your body and emotional and mental states that says you are not progressing when you meditate. Each time you sit down to meditate you are taking a step forward, becoming more aligned with your Higher Knowing Self that has created the stages and actors for which you are to play your part.

With that said, there are tools and actions you can do to find that Inner Peace: study spiritual books, which helps focus your intention and helps to remind you of who you really are; chant, sing, move the body--all of which helps to get you to move energy; be with like-minded people; and keep up your meditation (or try some new ones) without judgment.

When you can get a glimpse of the Unconditional Happiness that is truly who you are, and there is still that impulse to remove yourself out of abusive energies, then be brave and make the move, blessing all for the lessons they have given you.

Ask yourself: What work can I do where my Soul will find Its reflection? And when you are clear about that, make it happen. Do the steps, one by one, that leads to that work. Do not listen to the little voice of fear, which sits in judgment about who you are. And if you do not have clarity about that question, just keep up the inner work and bless all those around you, seeing past their actions into the Heart of who they are.

You are infinitely greater than your little mind can ever imagine.



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