Energy to Get Moving :)

by Sherrie

How can I get moving, walking, to take off weight for my senior years :)? At 64 , I am carrying too many pounds, I want to feel good and live a healthier life.

I have started a new form of meditation, Sahaj Marg; the people are wonderful and welcoming.


Greetings Sherri,

Thank you for your inquiry. The first thing you must always remember is that no matter what your body looks like, or how healthy it is, you are not that. Your essential Nature is Divine and extends through and beyond all time. This is very important in working on making changes. Because if you try to be better, you are in the realm of the ego that so loves to keep us identified as a separate body. It is good that you are meditating, for that helps in remembering who you really are.

Now about the body that you utilize. Working on the physical body, which to be successful you need to be working on the emotional and mental bodies as well, should be seen as a discipline. You say you are walking--excellent, there is probably nothing better for general well-being than walking. And if you are walking in natural surroundings, all the better. Of course, if there is a health club around, and it is within your budget, they are great places for tapping into the group consciousness of a healthy lifestyle, and they have so many activities that you can experiment with.

You say you want more energy. Tai Chi is great for helping with that as well as Chi Kung. Yoga, too. Also, be mindful of what you eat. Food should energize, not take it away. Simpler the food, the more energy. The more processed, the less energy. And perhaps most importantly, do things you are enthusiastic about--that's where the energy will come from.

Now, about Sahaj Marg. I recommend to anyone who is attracted to a spiritual group, that one should go in with eyes-wide open. There is not one teacher or organization I am aware of that doesn't have any shadow. The problems with groups that surround a teacher or teaching is that ignore the shadow-happenings, and that's when the dysfunction happens and some downright nasty things can happen. The internet is such a good source in checking out such things. Get both sides and then use the sword of discrimination.

And one last thing. Start small. Don't try to change everything at first. It is really important to start a routine and stick with it in order to change bad habits. It's always easier in the beginning; it's sticking it out that's the hard part.

Look at it as an adventure, and that you are perfect right now.



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