"Don't Meditate on Misery"

by Abhishek

"Will of the Wisp," Janaka Stagnaro

Patanjali in his "Yoga Sutras" described that you will become what you meditate upon.

If you are feeling miserable you are meditating on your sadness.

If you are feeling blissful you are meditating on happiness.

Mystics do this; they try to maintain a chain of serenity in between their thoughts and tell life is blissful. (Are they misguiding..!?!)

Bagawan Ramana Maharshi never spoke when he was answering "Who am I." He was one of the purest, who knew that whatever a person utters is really out of ignorance or attachment. He is the person who described it almost perfectly to

Q.Who am I?
A. I am what I am not.

What a wonderful thought by great-souled Bagawan.

You meditate on your chain of negative thoughts you become depressed. In depression you will definitely find helplessness. That will lead you to non-doing which will make us believe everything is done by so and so (GOD,ALLAH,GODLINESS,ESHVARA,DESIRE). Or even which stars. All of this creating more and more misery and depression.

Then what is the way?

It is funny.

Osho have describe meditation beautifully:
"We can never do meditation, because state of non doing is meditation."
Please don't ask how non-doing can be done.
That very question itself is a doing by
"I am not."

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