Doing and Non-doing


It is being told that best way of doing is non doing (in the Bhagavad Githa and the Vedas). Is doing in this context referring to karma or does it also imply self-realization or the process of self inquiry. To realize Self the mind has to be silent or tranquil. Will that state be attained without non-doing ? Also it is said that there is nothing other than mind. and mind is nothing but a set of thoughts embedded in "chitha."

Essentially, who is it who wants to do self realization? Desireless- ness is what needs to be attained, yes? Yet, how can desireless-ness be attained by desiring self realization?

Is there any difference in hoping and desiring; such as "I hope to have a tranquil mind"or "I desire to have a tranquil mind?" In both there is the "I" which has to be erased...but the question remains by whom will be erased...? Yet each action causes a new ego (now SPIRITUAL EGO).

This is a catastrophe! Please, please help.

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