Deep Meditation Problem

by Melissa

"Dreamflight," by Janaka Stagnaro

Ok, I used to meditate with friends or in classes. But found I would get into such a deep meditation I could not fully wake up from it. I slowly came round and felt like a zombie. Some friends found startling me helped me to get back into my body.

When I meditate I don't really sit down and do nothing. I find driving is the best time for me. And it's a time for me to ask questions and get answers. Why does it seem like meditation is so much different for me? I just cant relax in the lotus position.

Anyway, have you ever heard of difficulties coming back from deep meditation or why?


Namaste Melissa,

I will answer as best as I can, as I am not clear about what type of meditation you have been doing. You say you've been to classes and go so deep that you have a hard time coming back into your body. Also you say that you prefer to drive while meditating as you then ask questions and receive answers.

There are many types of meditations and they vary for what purpose one wants to achieve or allow to happen. I am assuming that the meditation type you are doing when you go so deep that you have a hard time returning is a sitting meditation where you go into the silence beyond the normal chattering mind. It is not uncommon to have a challenge to come back into the body. In fact, going so deep where you become unaware of your body (besides going to sleep) is very desirable--because you are in the realization that you are not your body. However, it can be hard to operate the body afterwards if you do not come back with your awareness to the body. Taking deep breaths and slowly moving your body, to gradually return is better than having to be startled back into body-awareness. If you are not under time constraints stay in that deep place as long as possible. Eventually your bodily needs will kick in.

You may also try walking meditation where you walk with a single pointed awareness of what your body is experiencing, watching your breath and thoughts. Tai Chi is another possibility as it is meditation in movement that you can experience and a silent mind and not feel out of your body.

There are many stories of yogis, saints, devotees, etc. who have been in deep meditation for days and weeks, even years--I have sat with a few. Everyone's experience is different. Be at peace with what unfolds.

I hope this has been helpful and what you were looking for. Please feel free to elaborate.


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