Dealing with an Unruly Neighbor

by Lee

"Zeus and Hades," Janaka Stagnaro

I have tried standing up to my neighbor, but he insists on parking in my driveway to unload his bags. He does it brazenly, and when I confront him he has literally gone ballistic on me.

He continues to do it.

I feel like someone stepping on my grave whenever he pulls up.

How am I suppose to achieve any sort of peace in my own yard when I am limited and bullied?




People are challenging, it is true. It is not fun having the neighbor from hell. But in truth, he is in hell and he is suffering greatly. Only someone who suffers so would act in such a way.

But you know what, Lee, he is taking you with him, by your own choosing. When people respond from suffering, we can avoid that same suffering by blessing them. This is what he is asking for on a deep subconscious level. What a better time--Easter time--to practice loving your neighbor. "Father, they know not what they do."

A friend of mine, who is an ex-black panther, shoots people like your friend--but he uses a pink gun of love, and imagines shooting love bullets. This technique channels that fearful energy into a positive action, for it recognizes the anger that is there, but doesn't allow him to get stuck in anger, which is a hellish place.

The ego has all sorts of stratagems to stay in control, and one of them is being in the "right." Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? In the big scheme of things in this vast universe does his parking of his car while he unloads really that horrific? What you resist persists? You say you cannot find peace being limited by him. However, the only peace that is worth having is unlimited peace. And that peace is always present--it is just obscured by our frenzied minds.

So if you really want peace, maybe, instead of getting agitated next time he parks there, go and help him, or bring him some milk and cookies, and offer your space as an unloading zone. And if you don't know him, try to find our who he really is.

It takes fearlessness to stand up to a bully. And love is without fear.

And don't forget to shoot that love gun!

Good luck,


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