Curses: Real or Not?

by K
(NY, New York)

Hi Janaka,

I went to a tarot reader the other day and I was very disturbed by her advice. She said I had a curse on me that is keeping me from getting a boyfriend. She said she could remove the curse, but it would cost $200. This sounds like a fraud but could it be true? It would be worth the money if it was true.


Dear K,

I am glad you are listening to your feelings, even though your ego is tying to convince you that you need to have a boyfiend, and that this curse removal might just do it for you. When I was in LA giving counsel I had several clients who came for tarot readings who were very distraught about supposed curses that they had, according to the Gypsy fortune tellers they went to. One Gypsy teller told one of them to bring a new pair of shoes to her every week for a year in order to remove the curse. When he complained as to the cost of such a feat (pun intended) she told him to steal them! Yes, it is a well known sham that give tarot readers, and Gypsies, a bad name.

As to whether there are curses let's explore it. What is a curse but an intention, a thought form, usually done with intensity, such as out of anger, or with focus of intent, as with spells. We do them all the time when we send forth malicious thoughts towards other people. Not only do we pollute the others with our thoughts, we pollute ourself as well. As you give you receive. They can affect you if you tend to have a negative state of mind and are around other people who are negative in their ways or you are in negative environments.

To combat curses or negative thought forms is to be around positive people, be in uplifting environments such as sacred sites; read sacred works and other inspirational books, meditate, chant mantras, do affirmations. Better yet, do all of them.

What I do at times when I feel I have been blasted psychically is to visualize a vortex of white light coming down from above, spinning in a clockwise motion, and imagine it lowering over my body and then down into the Earth. I do that in conjunction with reciting the mantra: Om Hring Kling Krisnaya Namahah. I keep doing it until I feel cleared. I learned this mantra when I was studying Kriya Yoga. It is used to combat negativity and reduce fear.

I was cursed by my first teacher when I left him and his abusive ways. He cursed me that I would never belong to a group of people. That was nearly 30 years ago and it holds true today. I have not found an organization that I could call my family. At first it disturbed me until I came to the realization that perhaps it was a blessing instead; for it has force me to find the Truth, without becoming stuck in any doctrine or dogma.

Regardless, K, you are more powerful than any curse. Remember who you are and no curse can touch you and no one out there will you need to fulfill you.

Peace and Light,

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