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Mar 18, 2012
Cursed: Covered in Venom
by: Anonymous

Hello, today I went to a spiritualist and she said my grandmother has me in a burial ground and has a curse on me, which is the reason for my 'acne.' She says that I am covered in venom, and have a male spirit following me around my whole life, keeping any man away from marrying me. This is the reason, she says, why dating has never worked out for me. Guys never call after a date, or disappear after one or two months. She said she can remove the curse but needs to buy three candles from the church, each candle costing 650 dollars; or for almost $1200 (a price I negotiated down) she can remove the curse. I asked her if she can remove it first then pay her after, but she refused. I'm not sure if she goes around saying the same thing to everyone, but if this is a lie, it's a pretty expensive one. What do you think? Will I never find happiness or heal from my acne unless I go through with this? Thank you.

Dear A,

The red flag immediately goes up when I hear someone charging so much money to remove a curse that will magically change one's life for the better. There may or may not be a spirit following you. I met a woman who claimed such a thing and I actually experienced this vampiric energy form. But this woman was not centered in her divine Self.

The best way to combat any negative influence is to be positive yourself, and the only way to be positive is to remember the divinity within you. Read holy and uplifting works, associate with positive people, chant sacred names, do affirmations, surround your house with positive reminders, and turn away all those people who want to take your energy. Acne is often a symptom of stress, and the greatest stress is not knowing who you really are. You are divine. No curse can touch you. Acne can also be due to toxicity in your food or in your environment. You have a great opportunity to make drastic changes in your life, but you have to do the work, you have to do the cleaning. No one outside of you can do it for you.

Be at peace and know that you are Loved,


May 09, 2011
Gypsy Curse
by: K

Yes, Janaka, it was a Gypsy tarot reader. Thanks for the encouragement. I don't think I will be going to any Gypsy reader again.

Curse free,

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