by Dino Stram
(Copenhagen, Denmark)



First you were acting as if things didn't matter.

Now you want to pretend you are compassionate.

These are concepts, and you are not your concepts.

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Jul 30, 2018
Everything Matters while Nothing Matters
by: Janaka

Greetings Dino,
Thank you for you comment, although thanking a "you" is a concept. Any use of language involves concepts, that is why Truth is full of paradoxes, such as, nothing matters and everything matters. It depends on levels/perspectives, which of course are concepts. Compassion, or that concept, is very important, in my view, especially for those who feel they are beyond such concepts; because one of the shadow sides of nondualists is a sort of arrogance and distancing from interacting with their fellow humans. This is especially true in relationships, when the "other" is suffering. The nondualist who believe that nothing matters can cause much suffering and will be imprisoned in an assumed enlightenment. Ramana Maharshi spoke of devotion and wisdom as one, no separation.
I also see that growth is important on one level (I am an educator after all, as well as a parent, and I do want to see growth in my children, not to mention myself), while knowing that there is nothing truly to gain, or to judge against. It really doesn't matter to the infinite, but to the finite, the particle, it does. The dream character needs to do its dream stuff, while the Awakened One has nothing to do with the dream. Knowing this, one can dream lucidly, not fearing the end of the dream, thus enjoying it, and not taking it all too seriously; but, still, not denying that there is suffering in the dream.
If you have loved ones who have died in front of you, or have children who are in agony before your eyes, or have watched your fellows come to you in pain asking for your help, there is a human response, unless it has been buried through pain or excessive intellect. A mother knows naturally compassion, while fathers can more easily go to the intellectual peaks high above the mud of the world. Compassion and wisdom needs to be balanced, just as the feminine and masculine needs to be harmonized. But alas, these are more concepts.

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