Comparing Myself with Others Who are Having Meditation Experiences

by Fariba

Rise Above It

Rise Above It

Hi. I am taking part in a meditation group. Some people during meditation will begin crying; or they may not be able to open their eyes after meditation. Our master will have to talk with them or use hands to help. Now my question is: why is this? And if I HAVE NO SIGN LIKE THEM am I making progress ? Do I have problem?


Namaste Fariba,

Thank you for contacting me. What I think you are asking me is because you are not having experiences like others appear to be having, you are concerned about whether you are making any spiritual progress, as well as it is difficult for you to concentrate during meditation whilst they are having these events.

For the first part, everyone will have expereinces, including not having experiences. It does not matter what happens; for what happens is only temporary. Experiences come and go. The purpose of meditation, at least how I see it, is to go beyond mental and physical experiences and to become aware of one's Infinite Nature. Do not judge what they are going through, for you know not whether what they are experiencing is truly a spiritual experience, or whether it may be something their mind is fabricating. It does not concern you. And do not judge yourself by your lack of experiences, for you know not whether you are progressing or not. And, in truth, there is no progressing to God. You are already in God and God is in you. You are just needing to uncover your mind from the clouding of your thoughts that tells you otherwise. Be still in your mind. And if your mind is jumpy and has a hard time staying calm, say inwardly, "All is well."

The second part, the problem of being distracted by other practitioners is an age-old issue for beginning meditators. It could be a buzzing fly, the tick tock of a clock, street noise, someone's snoring, etc. Think of these distractions as part of the game. Return your awareness back to your breath, or to your mantra, affirmation, each time, gently, and without force. Give yourself permission to be distracted, so no guilt if you lose your meditation focus. Don't resist it. It is all part of your meditation.

Be gentle on yourself. The idea of progress and comparison is only the ego keeping your awareness away from your true Nature.

I hope I answered your questions. Let me know if you have anymore.

Peace to you, Fariba.


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