Christian Quotations: Remembering the Christ

Christian quotations to help one to remember the Christ within all beings and our Father who created all.

Our Essence

The color of a wall depends on the wall. In the same manner the isness of creatures depends on the love of God.

Take the color from the wall and the color would cease to be. So, too, all creatures would cease to exist if they were separated from the love God is.- Meister Eckhart

Without the foundation of our Being we do not exist. And where is our Being? It resides in God. That Love, which God is, always is Present. But our mind becomes so enamored of the dazzling colors that we do not see the wall. And by believing that only the colors are real we cease to be to our Self and live a fictional life. Only when we remember the wall, our foundation, can we truly enjoy the colors, because we are alive in Love.

The seed of God is in us now. The seed of a pear tree grows into a pear tree . . .The seed of God grows into God. - Meister Eckhart

How can we be different than our Creator? Original sin is only in the minds of man, not of God. Original blessing is what happened, and is happening every moment as we are constantly being born anew. Matthew Fox, an ex-Catholic priest, was the one who introduced me to Meister Eckhart and his heretical views about our Divine Being. No wonder Meister was killed by the Church who used sin as a club to keep parishioners in line.

The man to whom all things are One, who refers everything to One, and who sees everything as in One, is enabled to remain steadfast in heart, and abide at with God - Thomas a Kempis

There is only One...God. Nothing exists outside of God, Who is All That Is and Beyond. It is only the egoic mind that separates God into pieces, into God and me and you. Only by remembering the Truth of Unity can one be steadfast because the Power of God is with one. To live in the ego's lie is very debilitating.

Living a Christian Life

Simplicity must inspire his purpose, and purity his affection. Simplicity reaches out after God; purity discovers, and enjoys Him. No good deed will prove an obstacle to you if you are inwardly free from uncontrolled desires.

And if you are free from uncontrolled desires, and seek nothing but the Will of God and the good of your neighbor, you will enjoy this inner freedom. If your heart be right, then every created thing will become for you a mirror of life and a book of holy teaching.

For there is nothing created so small and mean that it does not reflect the goodness of God. - Thomas a Kempis

When we live a life of trying to attain all the things the world offers, we lose our focus on our inner happiness and thus we forget the indwelling God. It is not that those things that our society offers is inherently bad, it is just that to attain and keep all these things the mind is always restless. We need so little to be happy because our nature is purely happiness. From that purity, we will move very softly on the Earth, consuming little and not being fearful of what our neighbor might think or do against us. In fact, by not needing to grab for more we look to our neighbor as an opportunity to share our happiness. When we are not burdened down by the accretions of acquisitions then we can allow things to be as they are. We become free and thus allow freedom to all things.

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