Be Optimistic

by Debbie

"Realization," Janaka Stagnaro

Be optimistic in your life,
Believe that things will go your way,
And if you need a little help,
Take some time and pray.

You need to have positive thoughts,
The negative needs to leave,
And if you think long enough,
You truly will believe.

So you did think good thoughts,
And being optimistic made things right,
And it was all because,
You saw the light.

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Dec 13, 2012
Happy Thoughts are Like Wearing Nice Clothes
by: Janaka

It is so important to have thoughts that are positive and optimistic, as it brings forth a radiance into the world and helps us create a more beautiful world to live in.

Conditioning the mind to be positive, starting with affirmations right from the start of the day, is like donning one's best Sunday clothes. It will not only make one's day a more joyous one, but it will affect those around.

And then, most importantly, it will make meditation easier as the positive mind is under more control than a fearful one. Then that leads to eventually moving beyond all thoughts and abiding in the Silence of Being.

Thanks for the poem, Debbie. And be happy.


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