Advaita Meditation Technique - Inspired by the Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

by Subramanian
(Ann Arbor, MI)

Arunanchala Shiva, Janaka Stagnaro

Arunanchala Shiva, Janaka Stagnaro

Hello Sir

I have developed a Who Am I? Meditation Technique, inspired by the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. I have published the Advaita Meditation Technique in my site Go to




Simple Stress and Anxiety Relief Meditation Technique for Beginners

This Advaita Vedanta Meditation technique is inspired by the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Practice of the Meditation Technique even for ten minutes daily will help reduce your stress and anxiety and help you better focus on the task at hand. You begin the meditation with a simple question, Who am I?

The goal of the three stages of Advaita meditation technique is to go beyond your Body (Stage One) and your Mind that generates thoughts (Stage Two) and stay in the Meditative Stage of 'Thoughtless Mind' or 'Breath Awareness' called Consciousness (Stage Three).

Each time you slip from Stage Three to Stage Two or Stage One, follow the technique to progress to the Meditative Stage - Stage Three. Try to stay in Stage Three at least for a few minutes initially. Slowly with daily practice you can stay in Stage Three for 10, 15, 20 minutes and more.

Close your eyes and follow the Stages from One to Three

Stage One : You are not the Body

Start by asking yourself a simple question, 'Who am I?'

Am i the body? Is my body permanent? What happens to my body after death? Your body is not permanent as it goes through the stages of birth, adulthood, old age and disintegrates after death. So you are not the body.

If I am not the body, then who am I?

Stage Two : You are not the Mind with all its thoughts

Am I the mind, that generates the thoughts or desires?

When a thought or desire arises ask a question, To whom do the thoughts or desires come for?

All thoughts or desires come to serve 'I, the ego, your name' the imagination of who you are. I, the ego is the first imaginary thought created by the mind and all other thoughts come to serve the first imaginary thought 'I, the ego, your name'. When there is no 'I, ego, your name' your thoughts or desires have no one to serve and they immediately die. This state of thoughtlessness is the goal of all meditation techniques.

Imagine your 'I, the ego, your name' as an imaginary bubble that you have created and all other thoughts that arise are bubbles that attach to the imaginary bubble 'I, the ego'. When the bubble 'I, the ego, your name' bursts all other thought bubbles that come to serve 'I, the ego, your name' also burst and disappear. You are left in a state of thoughtless calm mind.

If you are not the mind, with all its thoughts then who are you?

Stage Three : Stay in the thoughtless Meditative state of Breath-Awareness or Consciousness

You are not the body, that disintegrates after death or the mind, that generates thoughts or desires to serve 'I, the ego, your name'. If you are not the Body or the Mind, then who are you?

The breath awareness that swells in your heart in a state of thoughtlessness is Consciousness or God Awareness. Consciousness is all that is. You are nothing but Consciousness. This breath awareness is your true meditative state. When you are in this meditative state, your breath patterns automatically follow a rhythm of deep inhalation and slow exhalation called Pranayama. Stay in the Meditative State as long as you can.

For the intellect to realize one's true nature and be in a Meditative state of 'Consciousness' or 'God awareness' is a way to achieve permanent happiness in life. Feel the breath awareness in your heart and closing your eyes look between your eyes in the forehead. Stay in the thoughtless Meditative state, in a state of Consciousness or God Awareness. This is the most peaceful place in the whole world.

If random thoughts distract you, follow the instructions in Stage 2 to get rid of the thoughts and move to the Meditative state of Consciousness in Stage 3

You are nothing but Consciousness. Stay in the meditative state of Consciousness and be eternally happy.

Practice the Three Stage Advaita Meditation technique daily. A few minutes of practice is superior and more effective than reading hundreds of books on the subject.

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