Mindfulness Meditation Techniques for Mind, Body, Spirit

Without any mindfulness meditation techniques, life can be very difficult, especially right now on this planet.

There is no financial security. Jobs come and go. Health security—a joke (well, at least, here in America). Relationships are more like the stock market with constant trading. And who knows what is going on with the environment! Look all around you, and you will see people very stressed, terrified. There is nothing secure anywhere in the world. I once had a dream with the Dalai Lama, and I asked him where there was a safe place on this planet during this time of significant change. “There is no safe place,” he said with his famous smile. However, there is a way out (or should I say, a way in). That is meditation.


I do not know how people can get by without having mindfulness meditation techniques? I am 60 years old, and I have been practicing meditation for half of that time. Has it prevented me from suffering? Not the least. But it has led me to mindfulness, an inner peace, that can watch without judgment whatever happens to 'me.' So even if my body is going through some rough times, and events are not going the way as planned, there is always this core happiness inside. Life has become an incredible adventure.

Okay, so what is the best meditation technique?

I do not know about you, but I am lazy, and I like things simple. I also like variety. So what you will find on this site is a variety of meditation techniques. For me, the best meditation technique is one that brings me to a transpersonal Awareness of who I AM. It needs to be simple so I can do it on my own and anytime, anywhere. It also needs to be useful so I can see some results.

To fit that criterion, most of these meditation techniques you will find on this site will focus on rediscovering one's Being, on coming to the Present Moment, the Now. They can assist you in becoming mindful of your thoughts, which, for most of us, are like swirling fall leaves kicked up by a tempest. And by being mindful of your thoughts, you will find your thoughts becoming less and less, and you will then be more aware of the Consciousness that pervades all things. Some of these meditations techniques will be from the Hindu meditation tradition, others the Buddhist, some the Christian, and others from the broad category of New Age. These are all traditions I have worked with and love deeply.

Are there other types of meditation techniques on this site other than the mindfulness type?

There are plenty. While there is nothing more important than finding who you are, a you that is beyond all things that are yours—like your body, your emotions, your personality, your thoughts—we are still here to work at being the best human as possible. And part of being human, and a happy human at that--is to cultivate the following:

• A body relationship that is healthy with eating and sacred sex, that can relax as well as move with energy and mindfulness

• Balanced emotions where the expansion of love prevails, and anger and stress fall away

• A quiet and sharp mind, able to concentrate and is free of anxiety

• And to be creative and to live out your passion

What are the benefits of meditating?

All of the above that I have mentioned can be yours. You can be a better, well-rounded human being, living out your potential. Your body, mind, and spirit can be completely aligned. And you can achieve unconditional happiness.

Will the journey be easy?

Most likely not. The mind is the most powerful tool in the universe. And for most of us, it has been the master and an unruly one at that.

But here is a secret: If you can be gentle with yourself in practicing your meditation technique. If you have no judgment about how successful or not you are in achieving any of those benefits, in fact, not even worrying about whether you will achieve anything at all. Suppose you can enjoy all the ups and downs of the journey, then, guess what? You have already arrived at a place where few have reached.

I am confident you will find the right mindfulness meditation technique for your spiritual awakening.


The mission of Mindfulness-Meditation-Techniques.com is not only to provide a variety of effective meditation techniques to help you become more aware of the Divine Being that you are, but to expose you to a variety of modalities that integrate spirit, mind, and body.  Additionally, to offer writings and images that inspire and awaken.

Secondly, I hope that this site is a place where you and others will contribute. I love to interact with those such as you on the journey of awakening. If you have questions, answers, observations, feedback, experiences, techniques, etc., there are many pages on this site that allow you to contribute quickly and attractively.

So come on in and help make this site a great one.

In Peace and Light,

Janaka Stagnaro

P.S. To make this site as attractive and one that induces a quiet mind, reflective mind, I have removed all those annoying Google ads that seem to know just what you desire (weird how that is). What you will find are my books, whether ebook or paper, that you can order through Amazon. And since you came to this site, I think you might find them of interest. 


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